Monday, November 2, 2009

Trav and Jenn plus Ten!

When I started this blog, it was mostly to keep friends and family caught up with what was going on with us, and our fertility struggle.  I had been sending out mass e-mails, or updating through my facebook status, but then I thought that maybe not everyone cares about my reproductive health.  By starting the blog, they can come and see what is going on if they care, but wouldn't keep people informed if they are 'grossed out' (or whatever). 
However, at this point, I think that I have more readers that I don't know, then people that I know!  I did do a facebook update when I found out about my clotting disorder, because I was so. freaking. excited.  I put something like "Jennifer is happy because she has a clotting disorder! Update at (this website)!!!"

Several friends commented on our status, including Travis' best friend, saying, "Here comes Trav and Jenn plus TEN!"

 I thought it was so funny, because Travis panicked a little when one night as I was watching Jon and Kate plus 8, I informed him Kate was diagnosed with PCOS too.  I asked him what he would do if we ever had that many kids.  He laughed nervously, because he said he wouldn't be able to divorce me, because he couldn't afford the child support, so he would just keep volunteering for overseas remotes! 

So, thanks Matt, but the only way we will ever get to 'ten' in our house is if pets count, and if that's the case- I better go buy a half a dozen fish or something... I don't think I can do many more four legged creatures!

Another funny thing that happened this weekend, when I first saw Travis' Dad, I asked him if he had heard the news (I posted my facebook status the night before), and he said that the last thing he knew was that I had the blood test done, but not the results. I told him the great news and then got to thinking.... he reads my blog (Hi Papa Greg!)!  As we were driving home that night, I told Trav, "I didn't realize your Dad read the blog".  He literally laughed out loud, and said something to the effect "Oh, ya, it's not like its on the WORLD WIDE WEB for EVERYONE/ANYONE to read!"

I guess using logic, I know that anyone can read this... but its just weird that people I know are reading it.... I guess because I only have one blog I read that I actually KNOW the person behind it (and we just met a few days ago), so for me, I assume that my blog is mostly read by people that I don't know. 

So, friends, if we know you and you're reading, let us know!  I changed the comments, so you don't have to have a Blogger ID or Google account to stop by and say hello.


  1. Wait a minute...back up! You do have a clotting disorder? I thought you were only hoping for it...umm and why have the emails stopped? :(

    This sounds odd to say, but I'm so happy that you have a clotting disorder because I hope now that they know what is wrong, they can work on a healthy, beautiful baby for you-10 of them!

  2. lol...yes, you are on the internet! hahaha! :)

  3. Hey Friend! I knew you said you had a blog, but didn't find it till I stocked you on facebook. :) I am happy you have clots??? I don't know if that is a good thing? But at least they know what it is right? I am glad you know what is going on, I miss my friend. The burg isn't the same without you and Travis, know you're in our thoughts and prayers and if you have 10 kids Tal and I can take 2. But no more than that. And one boy and one girl if you don't care? lol.

  4. My blog is semi-anonymous, meaning just about 2 of my friends knows about it. However, I've been blogging for almost two years now and have blogger buddies that are still supporting me, many, MANY of which are either pregnant or have given birth and now write about parenting.

    It's good to grow a support group like that.