Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Ever the teacher in me.... here is my very own MTHFR K-W-L chart!!

What I Know:
*Last Friday I was told that I am positive for two copies of the MTHFR gene
*I also have low levels of protein C antigen
*I'm hopeful that we may finally have a reason that we have five children in heaven, and none in my arms
*I have had a blood transfusion...of several units... dose that matter?  (It's all dealing with blood... maybe? but I think it's mostly genetic)
*I also am A-, and Trav is A+.... (again, not sure if it is relevant)
*I never thought that I would be so excited to find out I had a clotting disorder.  I still laugh when friends 'congratulate' me on it
*I'm scared/worried/interested because there is SO MUCH diversity in treatment that I have found online (mostly through blogs or different TTC message board threads)

What I Want to Know:
*Which two? C677T or A1298C? And does it matter?  (I read somewhere that the C677T was more severe)
*What are my homocysteine levels, and do they matter?
*What does the combo of MTHFR and Protein C antigen deficiency affect future pregnancies
*What is common treatment, taking into consideration that I've had 5 losses?
*When do I start treatment?  Some people start the day they ovulate, some wait until a BFP
*How will I be monitored?
*Will my PCOS diagnosis play into the decision? Do they even affect one another, since one is mostly relevant before pregnancy, and one is more relevant after?
*Should I tell my birth mother to get tested (since she obviously has at least one copy of the gene...) or have her girls (my half sisters) get tested?
*Should I go see a hematologist, or perinatologist? 
*What are my next steps?
*Can we try to get pregnant again right away?  I am going to have a 'forced' cycle off in late February though early April (damn you Air Force NCO Academy...) and want to take advantage of our time now.

What I Learned:
ummm... besides a bunch of stuff from Dr. Google, so far, not much... I will update on Thursday after my appointment.

If anyone has any other questions that I should ask on Thursday?  I know that it is going to be the longest Wednesday of my life... luckily I'm subbing all day, so hopefully it will go a bit faster.... I hope.


  1. I miss these charts from my teaching days! :)

    I think you have a great list of what you want to know. I hope you get all your questions answered and I can't wait to hear what your doctor says to you.


  2. When I was trying to get pregnant with my ex I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks. They said it *could* have been because I'm Rh negative, meaning I have a negative blood type and my ex has a positive blood type. They gave me a shot called Rhogam (hurt like hell by the way). In a normal pregnancy, though, they don't give it until the second or third trimester. You might want to ask your doc about getting that.

  3. The MTHFR gene converts folic acid to another form. The C677T allele of that gene is less efficient at doing this. This means you have less of that form of folic acid and that form is used for getting rid of homocysteine. If you take more folic acid then more will get converted, even with less efficient genes. Also, B6 and B12 are used to get rid of homocysteine. I think all you have to do is take folic acid and vitamins B6 and B12.

  4. I'm not familiar with the whole K-W-L idea but it looks like it has worked out pretty well, I'm impressed that you've thought things through so clearly, well done, I also think you have some good questions/points for discussion there. Also, thank goodness for Dr Google and the many lovely and informative IF bloggers out there (I learnt something just reading that last post of yours).

  5. My how I love a KWL Chart, almost as much as I love a Venn Diagram.

    I'm guessing they WILL send you to a hematologist, who will likely run more bloodwork on you and who will be able to answer a lot of your questions.

  6. Stumbled across your blog recently and feel compelled to comment on this. :) After 2 miscarriages my husband and I had genetic bloodwork done. Turns out we both carry the MTHFR gene. My doctor said it was amazing that the 2 of us happened to get together, as that is somewhat a rare gene issue. In my case several months before trying to get pregnant and all during pregnancy I took a low dose aspirin every day as well as an extra B Complex/Folic Acid vitamin on top of my regular prenatal vitamins. Some doctors are on the fence about aspirin therapy and other doctors use stronger blood thinners but it may be worth asking about. I wish you lots of luck, I know how frustrating it can be.

  7. I came across your blog from ICLW. I'm sorry for your losses and I hope that your bw can let you develop a plan to get that sticky bean. I can relate to your frustration. I can also relate to the KWL chart (I'm a teacher)