Monday, November 30, 2009

One more day

My follicle study today was a bit encouraging, and a bit scary.

Before I had two 11mm-ish follicles, one on each side.  Now, I have an 18mm and a 14mm on my right,  and three 9ish on my left (9.2, 9.5, 9.9)...  They are having me take one more FSH shot tonight and go back in tomorrow, with hopes that it just affects the two bigger ones on my right side, and not so much on my left.  They said that if my left side takes off, then they are canceling the cycle, because 5 is just two many.  They also took my estradiol levels again, because the second one was lower then the first one.  Not to sure what that means... but there we go! 

So, tonight I'll shoot up for the last time this cycle... at least with Bravelle, we still have the trigger and Lovonox to start, but the trigger isn't bad, and I'm a bit worried about the Lovonox, so I'll just try to forget about that for now. 


  1. Oh dear, the Bravelle did work better for you than for me. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you can go ahead without the fear that you and Trav will be "plus 8."

  2. Oh man I hope Leftie doesn't act up and you get the go ahead!!

  3. Wow that IS a little scary ... you definitely don't want 5 babies at once! I will keep my fingers crossed that your two dominant follicles stay at the perfect size and the others fade away so you get to TTC this month.

  4. Good luck my love! I'm praying they don't have to cancel this cycle. :(