Thursday, August 15, 2013


When Alex was a little over a month old, we said goodbye to our home.  We had to move because of Travis' job.  Though we were excited about the change, (and our new home!), it was sad to say goodbye.  We had to leave the place we brought both of the boys home to and made so many memories in.  It was a gloomy, rainy, day when we had our last kiss in this house. Trav left with the dogs and a full truck a few hours before I finished up the cleaning and loaded up the boys.  We went and stayed with my inlaws for over a week while we waited to close on our new home.

It was a whole cluster getting the new house closed, but we did.  Trav went up a few days ahead of me to get started on the cleaning.  It was g-r-o-s-s!  We had bought a forclosure, that we loved, but it needed some work!  Trav cleaned/repaired for 3 days before I joined him with the boys.  My Mom flew in, drove with the boys and me, and we joined him.  

This is our first meal as a family at the new house (on the deck... pretty sure between that and the finished basement, what sold Trav on the house!)

We had friends come up over Labor Day weekend to help us get the house 'liveable'.  It need repainted.  Needed a dishwasher. Needed doors installed. It needed a lot. 

Isaac helping paint the ceiling.

We have used over 29 gallons of paint.... and 14 gallons of texture (two boys will be in this house, we needed texture walls! And since we had to repaint everything, why not!)

The first version of our 'to-do' list.  It still exists, but we're currently on page 3....

How we lived for 3 weeks in the house until new carpet was installed and our household goods delivered.  Living with the boys, and whatever we could pack in my car and his truck was a challenge!

When our household goods got delivered, I had to check off the boxes that have the stickers on it.  Isaac helped us take off the stickers...

Household goods are here!  I was unpacking as fast as I could (kitchen stuff) so that we could send the paper/boxes with the movers they left. 

Luckily for us, Alexander was going through a growth spurt during these times, so besides feeding him, he slept.  

We've now been in our new home for 3 months.  It's starting to feel like home.  We've got *most* of the boxes unpacked, but feels like there is always one more in a closet.  Now it's about making it home, getting the boys back into a routine, and hopefully finding some new friends!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

So... he's here

Well, Little Bear made his appearance... almost 4 months ago!  Since then we have packed up and moved or house, lived with my in laws, rehabbed a foreclosure, and settled into our new life as a family of 4, and a new job for Travis.

I'll start with the most important piece of this, Little Bear!

He came 10 day's before my scheduled c-section.

I'll just leave you with a bunch of pictures of his cuteness!

April 15, 2013

In the recovery room with our little guy

Get to go home, with both my boys.  Isaac wanted to be on my lap just like the baby was!

First night at home

One of our first days home, Isaac loves crawling into bed in the morning and help 'burp' Alexander.

From our newborn shoot.