Our Journey

Me- 26 (holy crap, I'm past my 1/4 life crises), currently a stay at home step-mom/wife. 7 miscarriages (7 wks, 11 wks, 6 wks, 10 wks, 4wks, 5 wks and 6 wks). :(

March 2009- Diagnosed with PCOS

October 2009- Diagnosed with a low Protein C Antigen count and positive of two copies of MTHFR gene.

All I really want to be is a mom, so we forge on...

My incredibly handsome husband- 28, active duty military, and has a daughter from a previous relationship... fertility wise, he has super swimmers (confirmed by tests)... our problem isn't GETTING pregnant, it's staying pregnant, so he's off the hook. In fact, he's knocked me up four of the last five cycles!!!

Apil-September 2008- Trav's Deployment

Weekend he came home, I got pregnant!

October 2008- Saw our sea monkey, and heard a heartbeat

November 21, 2008- Another ultrasound showed nothing...

November 23, 2008- D&C, collected fetal tissue to do testing on it

December 2008- Genetic testing come backs from the baby, unable to get any of the cells to grow... no information gathered

January 2009- My High Risk OB wants me to do an HSG

February 2009- HSG shows that the right tube is blocked, referred to RE

February 2009-First appt with RE, he schedules Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, and D&C. Also, diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Considered a 'Skinny Cyster'...

March 2009- what a FUN surgery... that's all I have to say about that! Cleaned up all the endometriosis and cleaned up some scar tissue to open my right tube.

***Insurance makes me wait 6 weeks to 'heal'***

May 2009- Start first round of Femera with Dr. Z, ended up taking wrong pill on the wrong day, this cycle is shot. Many tears to follow.

May 26, 2009- Move into our new home, so now all Dr. Z's appointments are 5 hours round trip. Joy.

June 2009- first 'real' round of Femera, CD 10-DF 11mm, CD14-DF 11.8mm, CD19 DF 12.5... never got big enough to even THINK about triggering.

June 2009 (end)- found out insurance needs me to transfer to a 'local' RE, hence our journey continues with a new travel guide- Dr. S.

July 2009- Meet Dr. S for the first time, and he changes everything.

July 2009- TV Ultra Sound to check uterus, they fill it with saline, everything looks good, given new prescriptions.

August 2009-Finish up 1st round of 100mg Clomid w/ Divagel, Trigger Shot, BFN

September 2009- 2nd round 100mg Clomid CD 4-8, no DF, 150mg Clomid CD 11-15, no DF, CD 22-26 Femera + 2 FSH shots (Dr.S is re-naming these days 3-7, so it's like its a new cycle) no DF, CD 8-10 FSH shots, DF is only 14mm, CD 11-13 FSH shots DF 22mm!!! Trigger on 9/24. 8 October- BFP!! 12 October- Beta#2 HCG levels dropped. 5th miscarriage.

Beta #1= 11.1 (8 October)

Beta #2= 3 (12 October) :*(

October 2009- After 5th miscarriage, RE did a thrombophillia blood panel. Results came back showing very low levels of Protein C Antigen (66), as well as being positive for two copies of the MTHFR gene.

November 2009- 13 (!) FSH injections. Trigger with an 18mm, 14mm, and three 9mm follies.

December 2009- BFP

Beta #1- 25

Beta #2- 46


Beta#4-49 - Dr. confirmes it will be a miscarriage

Beta#5-51 (Taken @ ER)

December 25, 2009- Begin miscarring for the 6th time

January 2010- More then likely our last cycle before we move onto adoption. 12 FSH injections Sixth and final BFP... if we loose this one, we're done.


12dpo -43

14dpo - 128

16dpo- 271