Monday, May 30, 2011

TV adoption

So, I'm a little behind on Army Wives, and I've obviously missed a few episodes (and OnDemand only has so many available...)

I left off right as Pamela was getting re-married, and somewhere in the missed episodes the Burton's decided to adopt.  The first five minuets it shows them sitting on the couch, doing a video 'profile'.  A line that Joan said hit me hard.

"I can't believe the future of our family depends on weather or not we can impress a teenage girl."

Though I do feel like she's a bit off the target by limiting her statement to teenage girls, I think we all know that is a very limited viewpoint.  In fact, I think it might be safe to say that a majority of birthmoms are out of high school.

That said, she did say something that hit home.... hard.

Our future family is based on the match book.  And I was the one responsible for making the match book.  So does that make me the one that will determine our future family?  Trust me, I felt that full responsibility as I was doing it. 

I used a digital scrapbook program that was very easy to use.  Trav could see that I was starting to crack, so he would sit next to me for hours upon hours as I went through pictures, picked backgrounds, added embellishments and text.  He helped me pick choices, between pictures, font, stuff like that.

I was so grateful, just to have him sit by me, take a few of the choices that had to be made off my plate, even if they were small ones. 

Please tell me I'm not the only one that struggles with the profile book and feeling like you have to sell yourselves to prospective birth parents... and if I have any readers who are birth parents, I'd LOVE to here your perspective!

Friday, May 27, 2011

$.75 happy evening

The motto of recruiting should be "Welcome to recruiting, say good bye to your federal holidays!".  Trav is at a race event all weekend, so tonight I was alone.  I spent my time with Bud Wheat, bbq wings, and this amazing ice cream cup, thay was $.75!  It's cake batter, and had sprinkles and actual chunks of vanilla cake.


Between the yummy food, good drink, and awesome dessert, it was good.  I watched Eat,Pray,Love, but wasn't totally impressed, so I stopped 1/2 way thru, and watched the last couple episodes of The Glades, on demand.  I didn't ever see it the first season, but was able to catch up, so I'm ready for season 2.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Joplin, Missouri

There is a ton of pictures, sorry if it took a long time to load.  I'm trying to get pictures to my 'non-facebook' family.  W:hen you get to the bottom of this post, click older posts to get to the other half of pictures in the prior post.

One of the parks, and the photo below this one is literally right across the street.

The shower curtain went under/thru the tub enclosure.

The master bedroom was destroyed, but there is still a neat pile of clothes that are folded in the closet.

The front living room. The mattress is from the master bedroom.

The back of the apartment complex

The stairs up to the second story.  A motorcycle is jammed under the stairs.

Looking from the first floor across the parking lot.

This was a 2 story apartment complex.

The complex we went to is on the right, the one on the left used to look the exact same.

They were still doing searches at the apartment to the right of the complex

And the ditch between the rail road tracks and the apartments.

One of the grocery store.