Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So, bloggy friends, I tried, I really did try to go back and read all your posts.  But I'm so overwhelmed, I don't know how to sort through them all, so I'm sorry- really sorry!  I'll try to catch up as you each post new ones, so then I can go back read the previous posts. If anything major happened, drop me a line, and I'll search out those posts!  I'm working on getting my 'big event' info typed out.... should be on here later tonight!


  1. Been there! Don't worry about catching up. Read the ones you are most interested and scrap the rest. You'll feel better :)

  2. I tend to catch up in big batches and then kind of slack off again. My post today was so pitiful that I was surprised anyone bothered to comment after reading, but tomorrow's will be better. Eh, it is what it is.

  3. Just found your blog! Also adopted and infertile. It adds a whole new dimension to infertility doesn't it? Looking forward to reading more!