Monday, May 23, 2011

Joplin, Missouri

During our day in Joplin, Travis and I split up.  We had to flight mates (the group of recruiters we are 'connected' with) who had damaged/destroyed property.  All the tools were in the back of his truck, and I knew I wouldn't be useful hanging up sheets of plywood on the first house.  I went to the second location with the other group.  It was a second story apartment, but completely destroyed.  We went to recover whatever we could.

These are the pictures that Travis took on his trip.  The other blog post is pictures I took.

This is a tree that was in the front of their yard

The left side of their house.  Most of their windows/doors were blown out.  The actual walls were moved away from the foundation.

This is the view out the back of the house, second floor.

The house across the street from them.

This is the bottom half of the treet that is across their driveway.

The house to the right of theirs.

The house to the left of them.

This is looking out their door, (and at my husbands big red truck!)

More destruction on their street.

A tornado siren...

After they helped at the first house, they came to the apartment that I was at all day.  The fear was that 1st, anything left overnight would be looted, and 2nd, if there was much more water/storms, it might not be standing/safe the next day.  As we were leaving for a second time there was a heavy smell of natural gas.  We hurried up, and got what we could. 

This is their master bedroom window.

Looking out the left side of the master bedroom window

This is the roof.  The red fabric at the bottom was a blanket, the trusses literally lifted up, the blanket was blown under it, and then the trusses came down, trapping it.   

Looking out the front of the apartment, there was a whole complex, and now, nothing but rubble.

These were two story apartments...

Looking at the front of the apartment complex.  It's on of the only ones that still has the second story intact.


  1. I have family there. Thankfully, they're ok. So scary. Thanks for sharing these photos.

  2. I'm in St. Louis and have been watching the coverage all day. It just breaks my heart!! Praying for all of the affected.

  3. Wow...just Wow. Thank you for sharing these. I hope you and yours are safe and well.