Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back to School

I suppose we're 1/2 way through the summer (or more... I refuse to count how many weeks we have left!), and school supplies are starting to multiply everywhere we go.  We went and got everything the my step-daughter needed for 7th grade last week.  I'm glad Trav went with me, because she wanted the design on the very top shelf, and no matter how much I stretch my 5'1" body, there was no.way.at.all. I was going to be able to get them! :)  I realize that they are deeply discounted in a few more weeks, but we were the only ones in the school supply isles, and it was great.  Totally worth the five bucks I might have saved if I waited and braved the masses.

I love the Target commercials this year.  All of them!  But this one, is by far my favorite...

Glitter.... so much Glitter!

Monday, July 25, 2011

In Plain Sight

I love this show.  I think I've blogged about it before.  It's filmed where I grew up in Albuquerque, so it's fun to watch and see streets that I drove, buildings I know, restaurants I've eaten it in.  It's fun.

Oh, and the show is pretty good too!

So the main character Mary, is pregnant.  She is very 'career minded' and at this point in the story has decided to make an adoption plan.  She's met with the caseworker, and has received profiles. It's going to be interesting to see how this plays out.

I haven't seen the one last night, I watch The Real Housewives, so I watch them on demand, and they it always takes a few days.

Besides this show, and 16 and Pregnant, there aren't many shows that have adoption as part of the plot line.  The next few shows should be interesting!

My favorite quote in the show so far, is by a relocated witnesses' wife,  "Is everything in Albuquerque so brown?"  Yes, the answer is yes!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Being infertial, you learn to deal with having a ton of people between your legs... your privacy goes out the door-quickly!  So when it's time for my yearly exam, meh, not really a big deal.  The fact that I only go to my doctor yearly now, instead of weekly (or more then that if we were monitoring folicals!) is great.

But I have another yearly exam I have to do.  Several years ago, after an emergency surgery, they discovered that I had several polyps in my colon.  These polyps are always pre-cancerous, and it was alarming that I had several because I was only 24 (at the time).

My doctor in Kansas City just wanted to see me every two years as follow up, so I had my follow up last summer.  However, my current local doctor would like to see me yearly.... so like now.... blah!

They knock me out, so it's not that big of a deal, but the prep is horrible! :)

The nurse called me today to make sure I was still local, and said she would get started on the insurance side of it.  Last year, they called me on a Monday and asked if I could do it Thursday, so I suspect that this year will be similar.  Within the next few weeks I'll go in for my yearly check up....

I can't wait....

Monday, July 18, 2011

Home Study Thoughts *Updated with answers*

For those of you that have had to do a home study, did you do it through your agency or through another organization.

I get that in the foster care system, when they do your home study (for free), it is only available to use when taking a placement from the state.  If not, then everyone would go that route, and back out as soon as the home study was done and adopt privately. 

However, what about if you paid for it.  And paid a 'fair market' price, not discounted because it was your agency doing it.  We paid $1250 for our home study, and it was done by one of the adoption case workers from our agency.

There was an adoption possibility with another agency that we were interested in, and so I requested a copy of our home study (the other agency said they needed it).  When we got it, on the bottom of every page it said that we could only use it when adopting from our original agency.  I quickly got out our adoption agreement, and found NO WHERE in the documents that our home study could be used for them only. 

I sorta feel that it's like buying a car at a Chevy dealer, and them saying you can only buy gas and get your oil changed at their location.  I bought it, why can't I do with it what I want! 

Is this typical?  Do any of you have agencies that you can only use your home study for them? 

Also, I noticed several issues within the home study, such as last names for siblings were wrong, and my life insurance total was about $100,020 off... those seem like kinda big deals...  should I call and have them correct them now?  Do you think they would charge me the $450 to 'update' our home study (it's required if you change jobs, move, etc).  Should I wait until our update in October to have them fix it then.

It's complicated, but so critical to the adoption process.

To answer some questions:

We were never shown drafts, nor the final home study.  In fact, I'm sure that if I hadn't requested it from the agency for a possible placement somewhere else, we wouldn't have seen it at all.

Our fingerprints, background checks, etc were also additional fees, the $1250 was just for the home study.  We also had a nearly $500 application fee as well.

I wonder what would have happened if we never saw the home study, had a normal placement through the agency, and then there was an issue over inaccurate info when we went to court.... Hmmm....

Our Garden

For you Kelly! :)

This is what it started like.... just after the seed's popped up.

This is it now! 

It's been going crazy!  So far, I've picked enough cucumbers to make a batch of pickles, peas and green beans to eat (and froze several packages of green beans), and one onion.  Still nothing off the bell pepper or banana peppers, but they are growing, just not ripe!  We've gotten a few grape tomato's off and one of the Goliath one's. YUM!  So good.  Several others are growing and just starting to turn.  
It's been a blast so far, but a lot of work!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Giveaway results

Sorry that I've kept you all in such suspense. 

We found out my little brothers dog has leukemia, and struggled with my parents and Ben with them through the weekend as we decided what to do.  This morning Blake went to puppy heaven, surrounded by those that loved him most, and with us thinking about him from afar. He's joined his litter-mate, and my dog, Packer who's been there waiting for him for several years.   He's at peace, but our family is hurting.  He's been a part of our lives for over 11 years, and gosh this sucks.

So... since I'm crying again- on to happier things...

Thanks for those of you that entered my give away! Here is the random.org pick for the winner of the MyMemoriesSuite digital scrapbooking software!


Thanks for stopping by to visit the give away, I'll be contacting you soon with the info you need to download.

For those of you that missed out on the giveaway, but still would like the software, use this code STMMMS94895.  This will give you $10.00 off, bringing the price under $30.00!!!

Enjoy scrapbooking!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Road Trip!!!

Since I couldn't write much while we were on our trip, I've been absent for most of the holiday weekend.  However, I tweeted my fingers off! :)  I'm not great at twitter.  I sometimes go days without checking my feed, and when you have 500+ new tweets, you sometime just have to give up and start at the top of the feed.  I've done that more often then I want to admit!  So.... I figured the best way to sum up my trip is to share them with you here!  
The general story:  We rented a car to drive 10 hours North on Friday, to go to my husband's aunt's wedding on Saturday, to drive home on Sunday.

our rental car has xm raido! what are the good stations?

short detour to our old house... they kept the front door red!

pimped out station wagon, dual exhaust, "hiofficr" licence plate, driven by an OLD guy, 

random things you learn about your husband (of almost 7 years!) on a long road trip: he was in chior at school....

he will drive on a rumble strip to drown out me singing 90s boy band songs to him (its my turn to control the raido!)

the cars speekers can go real loud... he found the hip hop station and my insides are jiggling

five hours down...five more to go....  

my fingers hurt from picking all the salt off my pretzels...

who has rush hour at 2:20 in the afternoon?  

we are going AWAY from the equator...why is the temp going up? 

we just stopped at the most pregnant gas station...3 ladies about to pop walking around inside.  

hey, there aren't any floor mats in this  

(a friend who rented us the car tweeted to me that when rental car companies buy the type of car we got they don't come with them...)

thats weird.... they have the little hooks for them (my toe found one...)   

Trav thinks i'm slap happy... and doesn't love that I'm using up my data... he warned me I better not go over 

Whats in the box that is so important that it blocks your field of vision?  After following them for 78 miles?  Ice Tea. 

our more hours.... blah... stupid rush hour in the middle of the afternoon 

 food so far: almost salt free pretzles, water, and salad I think as a reward for getting through  should be ice cream!

worst road ever=I 35 in Northern Iowa   can you tell I am OVER Iowa?!? were on exit 197, someone look up how many more?

We're headed to Wisconsin...via !

Minnesota!! no more . However, still  

just passed into Mn! last sign simply said "casino" I'd rather use data complaining on tweets then actually finding out where!

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth... GO PACK GO!  

free wifi!  and  weird combo!

my  lover! isnt he handsome!

we turned it up all.the.way! 
my desire was bigger then my stomach!    

if you are a new follower, I'm sorry, I normaly don't tweet this much...ever... I'm just trying to stay entertained!

he want's to get back on the road.I enjoyed my 10 min out of the car, my tummy has ice cream, and I'm riding next to someone thats pretty hot

good by free wifi less then 2 hours left  !

just passed the  hall of fame...gotta stop there on the way home!  I've never had  

trav wouldn't let me stop, he said on the way home, he might let us stop to take a pic next to the big spam can!

saw these huge wind farma on the way up  

he discovered with a swift uppercut, he could "bite" the pretzel in half  

helpful that I've had 5 knee surgeries on my left knee, he can multitask!  

 is over, we made it!

at least the good looking one is in the pictures! 

it was beautiful at sunset!

can't make this up.... we u-turned so I could take a picture!

BEST BAR EVER  there was packer stuff everywhere!

Local hero, Packer Elvis! 

hes cleaning off the clicker!  !

we are at one of the most pathetic hotel breakfasts ever!

the most awesome bathroom ever, pink and hunter green at his grandmas!

Trav showing his grandma how to text. we took a pic and sent it to his mom and she responded

grandma was amazed at how quick she responded! so funny, we showed her apps to 

our motel last remodeled circa 1987....

to bad this didn't catch on. Every hotel should have them. (it was empty-we tried!) 

- part duex: the trip home, coming soon to a tweet near you!

so... I have full signal, but can't but upload photos.... 

really?   finds

does this look odd to anyone else? 

awesome! We're back to Iowa.... maybe it won't be as sucky as two days ago? 

guess what I am! thud-thud-thud-thud-thud-thud-thud-thud-thud-thud-thud-thud-thud-thud-thud-thud-thud-thud-thud-thud-thud-thud-thud #roadtrip

roads! thud-thud-thud

headed home, the mile markers count down! 188 miles left in !

Question: how many times will Travis randomly honk the horn while driving? person who guesses close will get a post card from !!

hint: we're still seven hours away, and he's done it twice.... again, at compleatly random times! win a post card from 

my husband just bit the stearing wheel of a RENTAL car, yet had to wipe down the remote in the hotel before using it?!? 

worst sound ever...kfc worker pushing in all 18 chairs across tile floor!  

Travis  while driving!  

what a majority of our trip home looked like.   

woohoo home turf!  #almosthome

its like having to go through a maze to get from P to D! 

goodbye black rocket... you were a great  over! We are !