Friday, November 20, 2009

Hot Flashes

I forgot about those...but quickly remembered over the last few nights.  We literally sleep with our house at about 60... and thank goodness for that.  I have been able to cool down and get back to sleep rather quickly... for last night at least. 

So, I'll admit, I jumped on the Twilight band wagon quite late (literally read the first book about 2 months AFTER the movie came out...)  I really enjoyed the books in the 'gossip magazine, read for fun, not enlightenment' kinda way.  The fourth one was by far my favorite... so much so that my father in law downloaded it on to CD's so that I could listen to it as I drove to my old RE's office to finish my last cycle with him (2 1/2 hours each way).   My in laws are coming to our house for Thanksgiving, so I'm sure that after we recover from Black Friday shopping, we will venture out to watch the new movie...

So in honor of all the "Twilight Madness"  a few of my favorite posters from  (and for those of you who were obviously to the fact that "Edward" was "Cedric" in one of the Harry Potters.... (and I'm even a fan of that!!!)  Thanks to my mother in law for informing me of that...

So, now that we all have our laugh for the day (when I saw these the first time, I literally laughed so hard I started choking... dumb I know- but true!)

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