Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bad Sticks

So, I've started Bravell.  I found out Monday that I had been using the wrong sized needles to inject them in.  Nice.  I was using the ones that were about 2 inches long.  So, Monday night, Travis was very late coming home... so I spent about 10 minuets trying to psych myself up.  I used the correct-short- needle, and holy cow.  Must be because it doesn't go as deep, and so it's closer to the nerves, but ho-ly cow!  I thought it stung before! 

So I get done, put the needles away, and go sit back on the couch, right as I hear the garage door open... oh well, at least now I know that if I have to, I can inject myself.  When he came in, he asked how it went, and I lifted up my shirt to show him.  Holy Blood!!! I had NEVER bleed before... but I guess with these shorter needles, something is different, because I had about a dime sized splotch on the inside of my shirt. 

Last night, I was at our neighbors house helping 'Grandma' babysit the twins and their older brother.  I ran home real quick to shoot up.  This time Trav did it for me.  Soooo Stingy....  and more blood... and this time, a little bit of bruising.  Now I probably shouldn't complain, because I'm sure this is nothing compared to the Lovonox that I'll be starting soon, and if I get a baby at the end of this, it will, of course, be worth it.... but still. 

I had forgotten about the hot flashes... that come in the middle of the night.  Last night about 2:30am, I woke up so freeking hot.  It was yucky!  I got up and walked around a bit, and finally cooled off.  I guess it helps that my OCD husband has programed the thermostat to go to 60 at night. 

Hopefully the 6 days of FSH will be enough to get us a pretty follicle next Monday so we can trigger, and have our 'date' before family comes around!  I'm excited because we should have a good turn out for Thanksgiving dinner.  I guess I should start planning out what I'm going to be making.... and then start shopping for it!

I also am 'Mrs. Crafty' as Trav calls me, so I'm trying to figure out some cool place settings to use.  If you have any ideas, let me know!


  1. No crafty ideas, but try a little ice to numb the area and slap a piece of gauze on with light pressure immediately after pulling the needle. That should help with the blood.

    I'm hitting the Lupron Friday and then the Bravelle/Menopur cocktail starts Sunday so thanks for the heads up on the Bravelle sting. Not looking forward to that!

  2. It's crazy that the small needles sting more than the big honkers! Try to keep band-aids and something to hold pressure with handy when you are doing these shots. I bled like a stuck pig with those little ones!