Monday, November 16, 2009


Or maybe Thankschrisween?

Or perhaps Merrygivingween would describe it better!

My funny mother in law made up the previous 'holidays' because I had made the comment on my face book that if someone walked in our house, they would get awfully confused. We made Halloween cookies and still had our "EEK" sign out. We also had our "Give Thanks" pumpkins out, and a Christmas tree in the corner of the kitchen

Travis said that he didn't care what holiday we (his daughter and I) picked, we just needed to pick ONE!  So.... we picked Christmas!  We spend all weekend putting up all the 'fall' decor, and put up more Christmas decorations then I EVER have before.  Travis has some OCD tendencies, but so far, he's been doing well with all the chaos.  I will have to take pictures of the house tomorrow....

As for cycle news... guess who showed up while decorating!!! How fantastic!  YEA!  So, today is officially day 2, tomorrow I get my base line scan, and we start 'shooting up' tomorrow night.  I think that they are going to do six days of Bravelle and check everything then since it took 8 shots over 11 days to get anything last cycle. 

What a CLUSTER it is to deal with the insurance.  After no less then 7 calls, we got everything straightened out between the new pharmacy that is doing the drugs... both Dr. S's nurse and I were extremely frustrated, because the pharmacy kept saying she needed to fill out a form, but she filled it out last cycle, and it's good for a year, and we kept going round. and  round. and round.  I love that the nurse, Jana, has her shit together!  Their whole office is on top of their game.  My $1500.00 of drugs arrived Friday, and were safely tucked away in my fertility CABANITE!  Yes, my drugs have taken over a whole cabinet in my kitchen (and parts of our fridge!)!! Pathetic!!


  1. Isn't it crazy how many drugs there are? After I finish a cycle I look around my room and see syringes, needles, cotton balls, wrappers, vials of drugs, etc. scattered all over the place (during a cycle I am usually a slacker about cleaning!!). And I always am amazed at how much there is.

    I am glad AF showed up and you're all set to start injecting!! =)

  2. Awesome on starting the new cycle an geting the ball rolling. You know SO Much more this time around. My fingers are crossed for you!!!