Sunday, November 29, 2009

CD 15

So, after THIRTEEN Bravelle shots (which is FSH-Follicle Stimulating Hormone- hear that follicles, you should be stimulated by now, you've gotten 13 doses of 'stimulating' stuff!!!)

I knew when I went in on Friday (after 3 hours of crazy shopping!), that they weren't going to find much.  I have gotten pretty good at telling if things down there are 'tender' enough to mean there is a DF.  I am thinking that something is brewing right now, so I'm hoping it's grown a bit, I still don't think we'll be ready to trigger.... and we're running out of time.  I've gotta trigger by Friday, because Travis leaves to go out of town Sunday, and without him around, all this is pretty much useless!

However, thing's that I've learned this cycle:
*Injecting myself is almost better then having Travis do it... only because I can regulate how fast it goes in, and recover from the sting.
* Never, NEVER inject around my father in law... because he will make you laugh, somehow. "Push it in, push it, push it, push it..." makes me laugh, so much that my stomach moved back enough to have the needle come out.  Good think I had extra needles to get the rest of it in!
*Headaches are bad.  And after 13 days of Bravelle, they are evil.
*My body keeps building up a tolerance to fertility drugs (is that possible?)
         -1st cycle: 100 mg Clomid
         -2nd cycle: Clomid, Femera, 8 Bravelle shots  
         -3rd cycle: 13 Bravelle shots- and we're still not done!

Ugh-  My appointment is tomorrow morning.  I guess I'll find out if my 'follies were stimulated' enough over the weekend!


  1. Hope your weekend stimming did the trick!! :)

  2. Fingers crossed that your Bravelle results were better than mine!