Monday, November 23, 2009

Drugs and Holidays don't mix

But apparently this year they will!  After my scan today, I discovered that my follicles have gone on vacation, or are on stike, or something.  Whatever the reason, they haven't produced anything but a puny 8mm on my left side, and a 10mm on my right....


I was hoping that we could trigger today sometime, so we could have our 'date' Tuesday night or Wednesday, and then be able to relax and enjoy Thanksgiving (since I'm hosting).  However, my body seems to have other plans! 

We are doing four more shots of Bravelle, and then I go back in on Friday morning (hope we are done with Black Friday shopping by then!) to see if anything more has gone on.

He also took my estrodol level (I think?) to see if anything is going on on that front, if not, then I guess they will up my injections to a vial and a half a day.  Should be interesting mixing that!

A few of you have asked if we are doing timed intercourse or an IUI.  Our RE's opinion is that he will let his patients try 3 times naturally, then move to IUI (unless of course there are issues with motility).  We have gotten pregnant 2 times before ever being referred to the RE's so we were hopeful we would not have to do IUI. 

On our second round with this RE, we got pregnant, if only for four days.  Today, I forgot to ask if that started our 'three times' countdown over, or if this is our third 'timed' cycle, and next we move to IUI.  If that's going to be the case, then we will change our Christmas presents from our parents, and ask to help fund the IUI!


  1. but, on the plus side, at least you can enjoy thanksgiving with a glass of vino, no?

  2. *hugs* that blows. Thinking of you.

  3. UGH that blows!

    Stopping by for an ICLW visit...
    No. 2: the unfair struggle (mfi, speedskating, nanowrimo)

  4. How frustrating! Hopefully the news on Friday is better.

  5. Hope things end up working out for you.

  6. Better late than never. Fingers crossed that your follies show up for the party soon!
    I would bet that your "three times natural" is a total count rather than consequetive. GOOD LUCK THIS TIME! Enjoy your TG!

  7. Hoping Friday brings you happier news!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Happy ICLW!

  8. Sorry your body isn't getting with the program prior to Thanksgiving. Good luck and I hope you don't have to move on to IUI.

  9. I was stimming last year during this week, with family here and everything. Not fun!

    Grow follies, grow!!!

  10. Sorry your follicles haven't kicked into high gear yet. It definitely is frustrating to have to worry about that over the holidays ... especially if you're hosting! I hope things still go as smoothly as they can!

  11. I'm sorry that your follies aren't cooperating! I hope that you have a good Thanksgiving.