Tuesday, November 17, 2009

4! Count them FOUR!!!

**** NOTE:  This post is primarily for my Mom- we haven't figured out why, but we can only ever send 3 pictures per e-mail, so I told her I would load them all on here.... but you are more then welcome to join me on a 'Tour' of our 'far from Martha' house.

That being said, for those of you that don't know us, Travis is on the fringes of OCD- not so much the washing hand or locking doors, but things need to be in order, papers need to be straight, counters need to be clean, you get the point-  We will see if we both survive with all the decor this year, I've never put up this much!  He was getting a little tense on Sunday, but now that all the boxes are put away, and the house is a bit more 'in order', he's dealing with it.  Probably because his two favorite girls LOVE this holiday, so us being happy it putting a lid on the OCD tendencies... for now!

This is my FIRST tree, in the corner of the kitchen (my Americana themed kitchen, if you can't tell yet).  It is of course a 'Red-White-and-Blue' tree.  We bought it last year the day after Christmas, so this is my first 'real' year of using it.  I thought I had more ornaments for this tree, but apparently not.  Oh well, its one I can grow into!

Our "BIG" Tree

I  *heart* this tree.  We bought it last year, because I finally had enough with my old, yucky one from College.  Travis wasn't convinced we needed a new one, our old one still stood.  Luckily for me, my in-laws were up at our house for Thanksgiving, and so they helped convince him (and fund) the new tree.  It's beautiful.  It's hinged.  It's amazing... It has three different types of 'needles' so it is a bit more realistic looking, and the Glade 'Evergreen' spray that I spray around it everyone once in a while helps!   Also, you can't tell, but there are NO 'ball' shaped ornaments on the bottom few feet.  Baxter LOVES balls, and as we were unpacking ornaments, he was having a cow, so many 'balls' which one does he play with first!! Soo... I decided NOT to test fate, and moved all obvious 'ball' shaped ornaments higher up.

This is our gold tree.  It actually was the only tree that was put up the year we got married (and it was empty till our wedding day- more on that later).  It sat on our kitchen table in our apartment, and had our 3 presents underneath it.  My Grandma passed away in December of 1995.  When I was young (like 5 and 6), she ordered the gold plated ornaments from the Danbury Mint.  One came every month, so I have a total of 24.  She wrapped them, and stored them.  When she got sick, she gave them to my Mom.  The were to be my wedding present.  I honestly don't remember if it is the first present that we opened that night, but I know that it was the one that ment the most to me.  They are very intricately carved... these pictures don't do justice!  (Travis- if you are reading this... *hint, hint* I really would love a new 'good' camera, not just a point and shoot...)

On that same table, I have a few Nativity sets (we have five of these... another thing Travis can't understand).  My Mom made both her Mom and herself a ceramic set.  This one is my Grandmas.  (I guess my little brother will eventually get my Mom's!)  She made them from the green-ware, and put the gold on it, fired it, and then rubbed it off.  They are beautiful!  I remember always setting them up both at our house, and at my Grandmas... One of my favorite traditions... I loved making the shepherds walk toward the stable, and put all the animals around them.  It was like playing with Barbies, but WAY better!

This is Aleigha's tree.  She has it in her bedroom, and spend her own money on it.  Travis tried to explain that if she waited till the day after Christmas (or at least Black Friday), she would be able to get EVERYTHING for half price... ya, that logic doesn't work to well with a 10 year old.  Oh well- it was her money!

Other random pictures from around the house, this is right under my pot rack, and has my cookbooks on the left side of it.  Those little snowmen are old... again, my Grandma made them, they are crochet (or knitted... what's the difference?  Except I don't thing Grandma crocheted...)  My fridge with more needlepoint (from Grandma) on it.

My FAVORITE wreath... hanging on my linen closet door that is right outside my bedroom.  That makes me sad, but Travis overulled the inside of the front door... so this was the only one left (besides bedroom or bathroom doors...)

In front of my breakfast bar (I moved the stools to the guest bedroom closet)   It says "Merry Christmas" 
(I realized after I took the bottom picture that I needed to find a new home for those plants...
still searching, Travis suggested the trash...)

This is my photo whore.  I had to throw her outside for most of the other pictures.... she would. not. move.  She knew I was trying to take a picture of the TV, and as I moved to block her out... she adjusted to make sure she was in the picture.  I guess when you are that beautiful, you have the right to be in all the pictures!

Some of my favorite books, and a gingerbread house from Grandma, the top comes off and their used to be sweets in there... we can't continue that tradition in our house, because of all the 4 legged creatures

This is to the right of our door.  The ceramic tree I made with my Mom and gave it to Grandma for Christmas one year.  It lights up, but you can't see it very well.  The Nativity on the left is made in Jerusalem out of wood from an olive tree.  We got it as a wedding present from one of my best friend's and her family.

Our ONLY casualty of the day... that was not fixable with a little superglue!
RIP orange hatted snowman

And last but not least- a present that is for my nephew for Christmas.  He turns one this weekend!  Each of the animals starts with a letter in his name.... get it.... ???? Because Travis didn't.  I literally had to put the D on the dog, the R on the rabbit, the A on the alligator.... and he still kinda had a funny look on his face.  Oh well, I think it's cute ( and someday I think I might just do the for our babies!).  It's on a canvas that I painted cream, and then I cut out the letters and animals out of scrap-booking paper (on sale!) and modpoged them on.  Easy, and fun!  I'm thinking I'm going to get ribbon to put around the sides, to cover up the staples, but we will see... that sounds like it might be a bit 'much' for a little boy.


  1. Wow! You are out of control with Xmas already! I love it!

  2. Yes, Jen is right. You are out of control, four trees! I love it! We will have two trees because mommy is a nut. One will be mine to decorate and the other will have the kiddos things on it. I can't let them touch my tree. I know, I'm bad!

    I really love your decorations. Your house is very cheerful and holidayish.

    I'm sorry, I haven't been commenting. I may as well do it all now....

    I love twilight and read them while I was teaching. I love the harry potter pics with Edward, so funny!

    Hot flashes don't seem like fun. Maybe sleep with a fan on? I did that when taking clomid because those gave me hot flashes.