Monday, November 30, 2009

3 in 1

I'm not sure I've EVER written three posts in one day.  Well, it's not really the same day, since it's 12:27am, but I haven't slept yet, so it still counts as Monday, right?!? 

I love Black Friday.  L-O-V-E it.  I love getting all the ads, going through them, and separating them into piles,of 1st priority, 2nd priority, 3rd priority, etc.  Even though all the ads are online, it's not the same, I need to have them in my hands, I need to feel they glossy-ness of the paper. 

I've tried to do a bunch of shopping before hand, so I didn't have much to buy for, just somethings for us (like mini-SD cards for our BlackBerries), and some Birthday/Mother's Day presents that were hugely discounted! I also was going to grab a toy for my nephew. 

Last year, my MIL/FIL came with me.  It was their first time.  We had a BLAST!!!  This year, his step-mom slept in, and his Dad and I went.  Granted, we started Transformers 2 about midnight, so climbed into bed at 2am, back up at 4am, ready to go.  Our first stop was Best Buy, but the line was REALLY long, and it was cold.  It was small electronics and the memory cards, and they really weren't THAT big a deal, so we waited in the car.  Doors opened at 5am, we were in by 5:10am, found what we needed, and checked out back to the car by 5:33 am.  It rocked!  Then it was off to Target, where I was going to buy my nephew something.  Our first clue should have been the fact we had to park in the Applebee's parking lot!  The line to check out was DOUBLED around the store... we literally walked in, saw the line, and decided the $4.00 I was going to save was so. not. worth. it.  However, the stop wasn't futile, we grabbed some coffee at the Starbucks that was inside the store!  We then made an impromptu stop at Lowes across the street and scored BIG on presents for my husband. We walked past a display of power-tools, and there were two there that were $59.00 (reg $114.00), and with our military discount, we walked out with them right at $60 bucks. Awesome!  It's killing Travis that he has a HUGE present under the tree, that he wasn't expecting, and has no idea where to begin guessing.  We ran to Kohl's, which last year was our tar pit! We spent so much time in line last year, it was horrible, sorta.  Greg stood in line, while Val and I walked around the store, and kept finding stuff to buy.  We went in for luggage, and left with a bill over $800.00 (mostly there's).  This year the plan was for me to stand in line, while he went and shopped, and then he would come take my place while I went to shop... ha! Joke's on us- the line had 15 people in it, so we were able to wander around the store together.  I got Trav's little brother a remote control helicopter, and a toy that makes LOTS of noise for my nephew. For the first time ever, we DIDN'T go into Wal Mart.... it almost felt like we were breaking a "Black Friday Commandment". 

Ok, so why the long post about shopping I did last week... because of these pictures.  Our biggest steal of the day, by far, was PetsMart.  When you have over 300 pounds of dogs to feed, any money you save on dog food rocks!  They had thier 40 lb of dog food $9.00 off, and their beds and rawhide were 1/2 off!  I was stoked.  I saved $93.00, bought 2 bags of dog food, three big bones (when you have a great dane, you buy the biggest you can find!), and three new dog beds.  I had brought them all in and put them on the air mattress that my step daughter was sleeping on (at the foot of our bed, her bed was given up for the 'guests').  I walk in, and what do I see....
*ha!  it was supposed to be a picture of our littlest dog Baxter, he was snuggled in like a bug in a rug, on top of the three brand new beds, that were on top of their mattress.... however, I can't find the picture!*

Well, we piled all the old beds over in the corner by the bed, and I guess he goes for quantity, not quality, because there is a perfectly good (brand new) bed sitting at the foot of the bed, where he usually sleeps, but instead.... he picks there!

And, since there is a perfectly good (brand new) EMPTY bed sitting at the foot of the bed... the psycho cat Hunter decided to take advantage of it!


  1. Hi Jenn

    Trying to email you for that thing we're both involved in next Wednesday but emails keep bouncing back to me... can you contact me please???


  2. LOL I am loving the cat hogging that entire huge bed. Awesome!