Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Bull Shit Walmart"

Some of the random quotes from today:

"She better not bite my face"  (As I'm using the dremel to file down our dog's nails.  They had gotten WAY to long, and Travis has a habit of cutting their nails to short, and then they bleed, and then you have to get the quick stop out of the doggie first aid kit, and it is just a big mess... Tara, our Great Dane, kept inching her face closer and closer to me.  I would have been really mad at Travis, since it is his responsibility to keep them still while I get my face blasted with nail file dust!)

"Union only autorizes another 10 min, and no Wal Mart breaks"  (Travis and I went to help a friend put up Christmas Lights on the outside of her house since her husband is deployed.  Her and I had bought the lights a few weeks ago, and thought we had MORE then enough... ummm.... not so much.  She asked him if he cared if we went an ran got one more box (which, as a side note, when we went, we got the wrong size, so it was actually two trips that had to be made to Wal Mart).)

"Oh ya, our neighbors son is booked on murder... and they used that truck right there" (The neighbors two doors up were also putting up lights, but obviously not in the 'Christmas Spirit'!  The guy was NOT happy about doing it... and kept threatening to take "All the f-ing lights down" among other things.  Travis commented on how nice the neighborhood was! (we live just a street or so over).)

"Do you want to live on this ghetto street, or our ghetto street" (our friend, (who lives a few streets over and now has Christmas lights on her house) was thinking about moving into a house on our street, they have an extra garage and extra bedroom.  They decided to stick with where they were at, but my justification was that their street was was ghetto, but my husband reminded me that we had a ghetto neighbor.  To make this even funnier, these houses are all brick, we have a pool, tennis courts, all the houses sold $200k + when they were built, etc.  Her house is brick all the way around, ours just in the front, we have siding around the rest of it.  She now lives in the "Golden Ghetto", and we are just "Ghetto") 
"Did you put soap in the washer" (We had been on the roof, and then sanded the rest of my step daughters dresser to get it ready to paint.  I started a load of laundry with all our dirty/dusty clothes.  Travis went and ate, and then took a shower, and then went and threw his boxers and socks in the washer.... that was on the rinse cycle...)

"So we have to, like, sand everything"  (My step daughter wanted her dresser to be painted black.  Since her mom is not helpful with much of anything, the task has fallen on me (apparently because I have ONE piece of furniture that I've been refinishing as my little 'project' for over 2 years, I'm suddenly the expert..... any way)  I have been sanding off the varnish and stain that was currently on it, since it's a good solid piece of furniture (oak I think).  I have done the initial sanding of the WHOLE thing, and asked Travis if he wanted to help me use the finer grit to smooth everything out....)

"Bullshit Walmart, you can't do Thanksgiving for $25.00!"  (While at Wal Mart, there was a flyer that said you could have a Thanksgiving meal for 8 people (including the turkey) for $25.00.  Yesterday I went to Wal Mart early (so I didn't have to deal with a butt load of people).  I had my ingredients listed out, and a highlighter for when I got what I needed.  I literally ONLY bought for Thanksgiving, no 'normal' grocery shopping.  Granted, I'm cooking for about 13 people but my grand total was .... $111.52, so once again, I wave the bullshit flag!)


  1. Oh the things people say! Too funny. And I hope you're doing well as you cycle. Are you doing IUI or just natural with a trigger? Good luck!

    Thanks for the visit over my way and happy ICLW!

  2. I love all the quotes, too funny! I really wonder how you can do dinner for 8 on $25 - I suspect it might not be v. delicious.

    Happy thankgiving/ICLW