Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fan-tastic Thursday

I'm not sure what happened today, all the stars aligned, (or we all doused ourselves in enough *baby dust* that finally the luck rubbed off), but the baby gods smiled down, not just on me, but on two of my closest IF friends.

Though we all are going in COMPLEATLY different directions, we are strongly united because we have all been traveling down the crappy road of infertility.  I can honestly say, my personal journey would be 100 times more difficult, had it not been for these two AMAZING women.  If you aren't followers of them, you honestly don't know what you are missing.  They encourage me, comfort me, and cry with me, no matter what is going on in my life. 

Jess and her husband have decided to foster to adopt.  This has been a tough decision, but her heart aches so much to be a mother, that they are willing to take the risk of being heartbroken.  She stated it perfectly that by not having any children in their home now, they are heartbroken, so why not have joy in giving love to a child who desperately needs it.  I know that God has amazing plans for them.

Jenicini has been blessed in another completely different way.  She has recently been tossing around the idea of using donor eggs, from a lovely lady, 'Fairy Eggs'.  On top of that fantastic news, she also learned today that she will be receiving her IVF cycle hugely discounted! (double bonus!!!).  Because of a connection with a great RE where she grew up, all she will have to pay for is the drugs (which we all know is no little amount...) and the anesthesia.  Amazing.  I am truly so happy for her and I can't wait until we get together to really celebrate!  When I found out about it, one song ran through my head, "I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it..."  but sadly those are the only words I know to it, so I have been humming those few lines for the better part of the day.

As for me, we had a great doctors appointment.  Sadly, Trav was unable to come to it.

*Dr. S saw my note book where I have been keeping track of all the many appointments.  I was at the bottom of the page, and had four or five questions, which were for my 'current appointment'.  He looked down at the page and got a worried, I could see it on his face.  I quickly eased his mind by saying he was only responsible for answer the last few lines.  His response was "Whew!"
*Have I said lately how much I appreciate my 'hero doctor' Dr. S.  He and his staff are truly amazing.  Period.  This journey would not be happening if it were not them....
*As far as the MTHFR is concerned,  I'm homozygous for the A1298C mutation
*My folic acid has been changed to Foltx- a prescription of folic acid, B6 and B12
*My US showed a 'wonky follicle' at 17mm, if I was a normal PCOS patient, they would just ignore it, but since I successful got pregnant, on my own, four times.... they were afraid that I had actually ovulated.  They pulled blood, and if my progesterone is high, then I need to wait about 10 more days, POAS, and find out if 'it happened' on it's own.... if low progesterone, then I start Provera and look forward to CD1!!!
*When CD1 happens, I will begin a round of 6 shots of FSH, along with starting Lovenox
*My doctor is very positive, and since we are at least 'doing something'... Travis and I are slightly hopeful that this time might end with a baby in the end, instead of heartbreak.
*We have already started jumping through the hoops for the FSH shots.  I have a few left over from last cycle, but since it's such a huge deal to get them, we've started the process now, so our back's aren't against the wall.  Wal.greens has to submit the prescription, which then my insurance will quickly deny.  Dr.S's nurse then has to call to confirm that this is a 'natural' cycle, with no ART (they will pay for ALL the drugs if we do things 'naturally', but nada if we are doing anything with ART), then Wal.Greens has to RE-SUBMIT the prescription, which will then be approved.... but we are still just at the beginning of the process! HA!  They can't fill it themselves, so they have to have a specialty pharmacy send in the drugs.... ya, it's frustrating, but we almost have this down to a science. 

Also, my *favorite* OC ladies are back on tonight!  Yea for Real Housewives... they are my hour long escape into a world that has more drama then mine, which helps me forget my up and down life for a while...
So.... what great things happened to you this Thursday?


  1. Oh, that makes me so mad that you have go through that whole ridiculous charade to get your drugs. Our medical system is MESSED UP. Good thing you have it all figured out!

  2. What a great day for all of us! I am so very happy that you have some answers and some possible therapies to try. Yippee! Good news today!

  3. That's great news for all.

    This may be a stupid question you've already addressed, and maybe it's military insurance related, have you ever gone directly to Shraft's (Walgreens) mail order pharmacy instead of going through your local Walgreens?

  4. Blah, sucks that you have to jump through hoops for your drugs! I'm so excited for you...sounds like you have a wonderful doctor! Thank you so much for recognizing me and Jen, your post about us was very sweet...we all have something beautiful to look forward to!

  5. I knew Lovenox would be in the mix! I'll have some pointers for you. I've learned a few things over the past few weeks.

    Insurance companies, ugh!