Friday, December 3, 2010

Holy Snot Balls

So... we decided, this weekend, we were going to go register.  That way it's done, we will be ready for a shower when this little one comes.  We're not telling many people, because, well, we're still cautious.  And as a friend reminded me, we can always deleate it if something goes bad, but we need to have it done before he comes home...

This weekend we have my step daughter, so we decided to tell her, emphasising that we are very cautious, but excited.  She has a little sister, so is happy to have a little brother.

We are going tomorrow morning.  We're going to let her pick out something for the baby, not sure what, but just so she feels like she's a part of it.

To prepare ourselves, we started looking at cribs.  Holy Snot Balls... besides there being a TON of choices, they are expensive!  My parents are doing the crib, so thats nice, but we also want to be respectful (but seriously- what job do you have to have to buy a $1000 dollar crib, becuase I'm willing to have a career change!). 

These are the one's we've narrowed it down to...

I've always wanted a sleigh bed, but they are kinda hard to make (relevant becasue (for you new readers) becuase I made the bed that Travis and I sleep in... read about it here and here

So, why not get one for my son!

This one is my favorite, I like that it's got the funky curve up, and curve down...
What are your thoughts friends?


  1. We have four of the one in the middle (the Lauren crib, right?) in white. We absolutely love the crib! It was an amazing bargain and got very good reviews, too. But I love them all!

  2. Oh my gosh...that is crazy expensive! Try to just enjoy the registering. Relax for the day and have fun!!

  3. Have fun registering! I like the last one. It's both classic and modern.

  4. I'd say I would hesitate on the last one with the dip curve because Waleed is ALREADY standing up in his crib and the higher you can have the railings the better it is!

  5. I like the first one, but then I don't like the 2nd one since I'm afraid I'd catch my hips on the pointy corners and end up with lots of bruises!

    Assvice: has good prices and shipped quickly (as in the crib came faster than expected); I found our crib there cheaper than BRU or Amazon.

  6. Target has great deals and great cribs, the only recommendation I can make is make sure it is not recalled and you will be good :) J