Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Today was supposed to be the day our birth mother was induced, however, when we went to the ultrasound appointment last week, they had to move it.

Apparently there is some rush to get babies out before the end of the year... something about a tax credit... haha!  In our state, it's illegal to induce (without emergency medical necessity) before 39 weeks.  She wasn't 39 weeks until today, so even though yesterday was open, she couldn't take the appointment, and today and tomorrow already had 8 inductions each, so the induction will be on Thursday.

However, if you remember, this is her third child, and she was four cm dilated last week... a good friend, Sarah at The Crazy Baby Mama posted the perfect comment on my facebook this morning...

"I'm sure she's a lovely person, but your birth mama's cervix is starting to piss me off."

Serioulsy perfect... we also found out today that last night she had 'two hours of heavy contractions' (her words)... how is this baby still inside!

So... enough with the baby stuff (or lack of baby stuff) going on.

I woke up to this as I walked into my kitchen this morning.

I think my husband was telling me (oh so subtle) that he would like me to take the Christmas tree down today, what do you all think?


  1. I've been quietly following and I'm so anxious to see your new addition ♥ Prayers with you for the hectic and nerve wrecking last few days!

  2. Can't believe he's still not here! I can't wait to hear all about him.

  3. Well, good luck waiting until Thursday! And I hope she goes before then, but if not, less than two days!
    I am so excited for you and I can't wait to hear all about it!

  4. Not subtle at all! But, he does have a point. Much better to have something to occupy yourself with while waiting - and better to have it down early than in February when you might finally have a few minutes free. :)

  5. :) such an exciting time... and thanks for the shout-out...


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  7. Good luck waiting. I'm sure it's a nail-biting time!

    Also, I want to point out a little semantic issue that might cause your blog to be targeted by some individuals...the use of "our birthmother" is frowned upon in the adoption world. The appropriate usage is to refer to her as "our child's birthmother". I know you don't see her as a possession which is what's implied with the "our birthmother" usage but others will not see it that way.

    *sorry, had to edit*