Friday, December 10, 2010

Best poem ever!

Seriously the best poem ever...
My Mom tells the story of her going out with me, and people complementing her on how fast she got back in shape (she was really healthy!), and she would always say "Thank you, but I cheated, we adopted her!"

The ladies in my circle
Share their memories
About the pain of childbirth
I felt left out you see

But then we got a call that
A baby had been born
We rushed right out and got her
One sweet September morn

Now I’ve joined the ranks as
A mom with all my friends
But still they tell their stories
The details never end!

But I just sit and listen
With a smile on my face
When they all complain that
They still have extra weight

Do you think that I should tell them
When I get the chance
That right after I got my baby
I could still zip up my pants!?

Copyright © Jennifer Byerly


  1. Love it!

    (And since I lost all the baby weight plus in the first month, I just sit there and keep my trap shut too.)

  2. Love, love, love it! Thanks for sharing.