Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Love

Six years ago, I became his wife. 

We have loved, laughed and cried.

We had shared joy and sorrow.

We have clung to each other in our sadness,
and high fived each other in our accomplishments
(like putting the pack-and-play together last night)

Most importantly, we have loved.

Happy Anniversary Love.

(and he SOOO know's the way to my heart! I woke up to a card and a box of Cordial Cherries...which I've now almost eaten the whole top tray of....)


  1. Congratulations on six years..and on soon becoming a mommy!! You guys are amazing and I am so excited you are adopting..Although I might be a little partial..Being an adoptee myself =)

  2. I'm sure it seems like just yesterday. Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary! So much to celebrate this month!

  4. Awww :) Happy Anniversary! and this one is so extra special!