Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just try to Relax

For all us infertiles, we hate that phrase....

Let me tell you, getting the same advice as you are going through the adoption process is just as maddening!

Besides having the first headcold of the season, tomorrow is our matching meeting.

Awesome- I'll get to be a snotty, headcold mess when I meet her.

Last night I wrapped a bunch of presents, but literally pouted when I realized that all the 'box' ones had been wrapped.  I hate wrapping the funky shaped ones, so I guess those are on the agenda for tonight.

Because of the head cold, I slept like crap, and so was very excited that I didn't get called for a job, because I got to sleep in, well, would have gotten to, had I been able to sleep past 7am.

I suppose I'll try to get most of the rest of my shopping done for Christmas, and enjoy the peace and quiet at home.

We have everything we bought for the baby in our bedroom, still in the bags, except for the clothes.  They are hanging on the quilt rack.  I reached over last night and grabbed a set of onesies, and was in awe, that in less then a month, we are going to have someone that tiny to fit in them.

I'm re reading this post, and wow it's random- I'm blaming it on the cold medicine... and not even going to feel bad about not going back to fix it!


  1. Can't wait for you! But the wait- that SUCKS!!!!!!

  2. Sorry you feel so crappy. You had such a high the last week or so that there was bound to be a low coming. I am sure that tomorrow will be awesome and your adrenaline will get you though (even with the cold). Good Luck!

  3. Good luck tomorrow!
    It's nerve wracking for sure so anyone that says "relax" has not had to meet the woman that could potentially make you a mom. Just try to be yourself, head cold and all.

  4. I HATE it when people say "just relax" arggg!
    Oh and i also hate wrapping any gift which arent box shaped!