Thursday, December 16, 2010


I spent today with two of my most favorite people.  My best friend (and mom of three) and my husband.  We had been planning since Trav and I did the original registering, to go back and update it with all the things we missed (or didn't know we needed... like a mattress cover!).  First I got sick, then one of her daughters got sick, so today ended up being the day. 

Trav had taken leave for yesterday, today, and tomorrow. 
He had mentioned last night, "so umm, are just you two going tomorrow?".  I've been married long enough to know that translates to 'could I come too?"   I of course said yes, he could come. 

We had made plans for a girls day to just hang out and run errands, literally, had like 12 places to go between the two of us.  We figured we could do the registry stuff in the morning, and then Trav could take off and do whatever else he wanted for the rest of the day, or we could just set a predetermined time to meet him at the stores we needed to go to with him. 

He decided that he didn't want to take two cars (even though she was driving, so it was like they were both our cars!), and that it was a waist of gas.

After a few minutes, I told him he was more then welcome to come with us, we don't mind, but that we were planning on doing several hours of shopping, returning, packing, etc.  He said it was ok, and before we left the garage, we gave him one last out by showing him the list and asking if he was still in.

He buckled in and said he was ready.

I don't think he really understood that when we said 'whole day' it was really going to be the 'whole day'.  We left before 10am, and got back after 3pm.  He hung with two women who shopped, chatted, and laughed for 5 HOURS!

He opened doors, he held bags, he offered opinions for gifts, it was awesome.  I love that I have a husband who can suck it up, and enjoy where he's at! 

We finished up the registry, and filled in the holes.  I'm feeling better, about being more prepared once he gets here (and after my shower), but still am unsure about what to do when he actually gets here, and we get home.

My husband says we'll wing it.



  1. It sounds like a great day. I miss days like that (when your schedule isn't dependent on the needs of a little tummy or nap time).

    Winging it isn't overrated.

    I checked out your registry...May I suggest some swaddlers (Kiddopotomous by Summer or Miracle Blanket)? Unless you are opposed to doing that. They were and still are the best way to get our little one to sleep. Especially now that it's colder, since she wiggles too much to keep a blanket over her, the fleece one keeps her warmer even than a fleece sleeper. Just a thought. (And do you have a changing pad to go with the cover?)

  2. Your husband is right--you'll wing it...and that's okay. :) And you'll send him or friends or family out to pick up what you need. Hang in there!