Friday, December 17, 2010

A bed!

So... I don't think I've gone into much detail on our Birthmom, but it's for a reason.  As the agency wrote to us, "she has had a very hard life, complicated by her own bad decisions".

So true.  But right now I'm in fear that her child (our child) may be suffering because of one of her bad decisions.  She's not doing anything to physically harm him (drugs or alcohol), but instead her life has magnified in stress the last week.

I told my Mom yesterday, that as long as he'll be ok being born next week, I would rather have him out, then in.  At least that way we are more able to control his environment, his safety.  Plus, should she really place, it's more likely that we will have a judge be able to sign off on her TPR before the end of the year.

We get to go to her ultrasound next Tuesday, and I hope and pray (as long as he'll be ok being early) that the doctor decides to deliver him then, instead of the next Tuesday...
When we started this process (with the original time line, before our packet took FOREVER to complete), we thought we'd be a waiting family by summer.  Given their 4-6 month timeline (that they had at the time), I -more than once- said, "That means a baby by Christmas!".  Haha- silly me, thinking things would go as planed.  When we didn't become a 'waiting family' until the end of October, I changed my thoughts to "A baby by Mothers Day:"  A dear friend of mine, who knows many more of the details, said "You know, I can just see God and his sense of humor, you SO thought you wouldn't get a baby by Christmas, and I can see him actually making that happen."  We'll see next week I guess!

That being said.....

 With the possibility of us maybe bringing him home late next week at the earliest, and for sure the week after that, we thought maybe we should get some stuff ready.  The bottles can be sterilized quick, and my girlfriend is in charge of grabbing some clothes once the TPR's are signed and washing them (taking the tags off now will jinx me I think) so they are ready when we come home, but the bed- we had no idea how it would take to set up.  Technically it's a pack-and-play, but lets face it, Trav nor I have ever done ANYTHING like this before, so we didn't want to overestimate our abilities. 

In the beginning....

Doesn't he look proud of himself

(I really did help, between taking pictures!)

Now to get it into our bedroom...

Maybe we should have assembled it in there...

We eventually got it in, and it's now set up at the foot of our bed ready!


  1. I ticked funny, soley for the last bit of trying to get the bed through the door. I did actually lol. Best of luck for everything else!

  2. You're going to love looking at these pictures some day once you're old pros. :)

  3. Heehee! It's surreal seeing that in your bedroom isn't it? My dad set up our pack n play in our room the week before E came home. He still sleeps in our room in the PnP but we actually sit his (not-so)bouncy seat in it and he sleeps in that every night. You are going to do great Jenn! I was completely clueless about all of this too and I read no books! He's doing okay! Just like your little man will.

  4. Things are looking great so far! I'm so glad you're including photos. You definitely look like you know what you're doing!

    I hope that you get your wish this week.

  5. hooray! that is a great feeling having a pack n play in your room, and assembled no less. glad you got it through the door!

  6. Must be a good feeling that now you at least have somewhere for the baby to sleep! It's weird, I know aparents who have had short waits like yours where it's obvious you aren't quite ready and aparents who have waited 2 years and they still don't feel ready! Nature of the waiting game I guess.