Monday, December 27, 2010

It only took four years....

So, this project, well, it's done!

(insert my husbands smart ass remark that it only took me four years and the pressure of a possibly quick arrival of a little one to get my butt in gear!)

It will eventually be the 'changing station' with the changing pad on the top, and a basket full of diapers in that open part on the bottom.  I still need to by the drawer hardware, but I'm waiting for it to go 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby, (which should be next week).

We put it in what will be his bedroom, but is currently the guest bedroom, and it's already covered in baby stuff!  (mostly just to get it off the bed...)

Because yes, there is a real- queen sized- bed in there too!!

This is what i used to look like... a drastic improvement if I don't say so myself!
(I thought I had posted this picture before, but apparently not... yes, all the baby stuff got transferred to the top of an unmade bed from when I was sick and slept in here to not keep my honey up all night while I coughed.)


  1. Very nice! You must be so excited - still thinking about you and waiting!