Thursday, December 2, 2010


Not anyone can be a sub... and quite frankly, after the last two days, I'm not sure I want to be one anymore!

Wednesday, I subbed for a 5th grade class in a rougher part of the city.  At one point- within 4 minuets- a single student kneed another one in the back, went nose to nose with me, and then slapped the girl that sat next to him and ripped her paper... as I was writing the referral it was AND he did this.... AND he did this.... AND he did this.  Ya, nice.

Today I walked into a 1st grade room (side note, I don't love little kids, but I love that school, it was where I was at for the first 9 weeks as a long term sub).  There was a sudden emergency, and so there were no sub plans, her normal plans which of course aren't as detailed, no procedures written down.  Holy hell.  THANK GOODNESS there was a student teacher that was there, because I would have been screwed.  We made it through the day, barely, but not after I had a student throw one of those pink erasers at my back.  At CLOSE RANGE.  You wouldn't think a 1st grader could throw like that... but I seriously can still feel where it hit me!

One more day this week- and with a really good class.  The other 4th grade teacher, so I know all the kids, know what they are doing, know how she does her room.  I seriously look forward to subbing for her.  I also start my week off with her class next Monday too!  Ahhh... the little things!


  1. ugh, your two days sounds like the last four years that I taught in low income schools. Really frustrating because the kids could care less that you are there to help them have a better life. Glad you survived though!

  2. Subbing is tough! It's definitely not for the weak!

  3. Oh boy do I ever remember those days! I subbed for many, many years after the lay offs were bad a few years back. Thankfully I don't have to anymore. I am with you sister, that is definitely a tough gig!!!

  4. All this and the stress of adoption?? You're a strong woman :-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!