Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Today we were blessed to be invited to go to the ultrasound and doctors appointment. They did the ultrasound, and the tech made the comment that his head was really far down, she could hardly measure the circumference.

They are estimating his weight to be about 7 pounds.

We then waited some more (seriously the whole 'event' took over 2.5 hours...)
They did the heartbeat, and can I just say AMAZING!

We seriously were not prepared for that. I was so engrossed with the video, I didn't think to record it (she had it on for about 45 seconds). Toward the end, my brain clicked, and I thought "hey maybe i should record it" It takes a moment to go through the menus to get to the video part, and the nurse practitioner had stopped. The birth father had seen what I was trying to do, and asked if she could get the heartbeat back, so I could record it. She did, and it was amazing. My parents of course GUSHED when they heard it!

We all left to give her some privacy during the pelvic exam, and she came out saying nothing more then...

"I'm dilated 4 centimeters..."

Umm, what?  Doesn't that mean that we are like half way there, what the heck.  She said had she been more then 5, they would have kept her and sent her to L&D.  She had mentioned before that she had been having contractions off and on but nothing consistent.

So ummm, it seems that we might have a baby here soon.

Like really soon.

And if he's not, he'll be here on the 30th.  I guess it's illegal to schedule an induction before the 39 weeks here, so they looked at the 28th, because that's her 39 weeks, but they already had 8 inductions for that day, and 8 for the next day, so she got bumped to the 30th.  So, if he doesn't make his grand arrival before then, we will be at the hospital at 8:00am on the 30th to welcome him here!


  1. What a glorious sound. I can't believe that you are getting ready to bring that baby home. So excited for you. You must be out of your mind with happy anticipation! What a Merry Christmas for you!

  2. I couldn't play the video, but how AMAZING it must have been! I cannot believe she's 4cm! I delivered just a couple days after I was 4cm. It could happen anytime, holy cow, so freaking excited!!