Saturday, December 4, 2010

Officially, our house is (mostly) ready to bring home a baby boy... we can feed him, diaper him, and clothe him... we even have a place for him to sleep that is NOT a laundry basket!

We went to register at Target first, and get a majority of the needs bought.  I'd been able to walk through the baby section there and at Wal Mart, but last time I was in Babies R Us, I had a semi panic attack.  We had even already had our last miscarriage, and knew we were moving on to adoption.  It didn't matter.  I couldn't do it. 

As soon as we started there, I got down the first isle, and started crying.  It was a mixture of happy and sad tears, and Trav just put his arm around me and gave me a kiss.  I quickly calmed down, and we carried on.  There were moments of overwhelming 'I don't know what I'm doing, and don't know what I need'.... like when we were looking at diaper bags... (why those caused me panic, I'm not really sure).

So we did our 'family' registering, now I'm relying on my best friend to go back with me and say- "Oh no, you don't really need that... but this- this you need.".  Gotta love good friends!

My mother in law had grabbed a stroller with a car seat a few years back when we started trying... it's been in her basement.  I always worry about things she picks because um... she doesn't exactly have the same style as me.  However, I was pleasantly surprised when she texted me pictures of an EDDIE BOWUR travel system, mossy green and brown plaid.  (don't worry, I had her check the car seat expiration- December 2012!)  We're kinda excited we will have a 'big ticket item' done! 

We've also picked out our crib(s), the best you can online.  We sent our top three choices to my Mom, so they can decide which one they are going to get.  And bedding-oh my.  To say I was overwhelmed, is an understatement.  I think we are going to do a jungle/animal theme.  There was one that is baby animals with sports balls that my husband liked.

It's hard to believe that 5 weeks ago we had just finished
making the profiles, and writing our check

To needing to buy this 'baby stash' that will get us by until we have a shower...


  1. I am so incredibly happy for you and your posts are so wonderful to read. There's such joy in them. It's great to hear your happiness shining through your words.

  2. Can I just repeat how freaking excited I am for you guys?! I just get a big smile on my face when I go to your blog!!!

  3. So very exciting!

    I'm full of advice so if you want a recent opinion on baby stuff, let me know...