Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I found a blog "Knock Off Wood", and have been wanting to attempt to build something from it.  I really liked the Farmhouse Bed, but that was going to be a big 'first project'.  I discovered that a girlfriend of mine got her degree in design and construction- BOUNUS!   So, this weekend, we tacked the project. 

So first we bought a bunch of wood...

I had bought my husband a saw for Christmas (and his parents got him the other one).  When he unwrapped it, he laughed and said that I was going to be the first one that would use it.... turns out he was right! 
We did take pictures of us unpacking it though....
The dogs REALLY wanted to help us...

Putting the headboard together

There are several OSHA violations here.... do you love how in the background the miter saw is setting on top of a cooler, that is on top of the box?!?
Don't worry to much, we didn't start drinking until after all the cutting was done... then it was on!

Using the belt sander before we attached the top part of the headboard.

Good Friends, Good Music, Good Time!

At some point these two stopped working, and Baxter took full advantage of Auntie Manda's lap...

We were so close to finishing, I couldn't stop, so I pushed on and completed the foot board too.

My back aches, my hands are sore, and I can't park my car in the garage... but the head board and foot board are done.  I will sand them tonight, and we will stain and assemble them tomorrow (I think). 

Travis has NO idea that I did this.  I used the money that was budgeted for home improvement, because I figured this qualified!  He often is overwhelmed with the process of any particular project, so its better to just say "look what I DID" not "look what I'm DOING".  Even his Mom said, "You're not telling him right, don't stress him out, just show him when it's all done!"

I'll post pictures once it gets stained and assembled in my bedroom. 


  1. Looks awesome so far! I'm so jealous of people with actual useful abilities!

  2. Oh my gosh I'm in awe of your skills! I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's all stained and set up!

  3. I am super impressed, and jealous of your mad skills!