Friday, March 12, 2010

Source of my Madness

A few people have asked how I do it... I am by NO MEANS an expert- just getting my feet wet, but this is how I do it... as I refine my process, I will surly let you all know!

I do my coupon shopping at Dillons (our local Kroger) store, and use the 'frequent shopper card' they have. They are more expensive for overall 'grocery' shopping, so I buy my coupon stuff there, and usually go to Wal Mart/Sams Club for everything else.

Dillons does 'coupon matching', up to $1.00 on paper coupons. We don't get the paper, so I get my coupons from, and These websites have the printable ones- you have to download their 'coupon printer' on whatever computer you are on, but its not that big of a deal.

Also, there are electronic coupons you can 'store' on your frequent shopper card. The two sites that I use for these are and Check to see if your store takes the deals from P&G eSaver, ours doesn't but your's might!

The store I use (check your local stores rules) will let me use the loaded and paper coupons on the same item to double up my savings. Example: The GreenGiant Steamers frozen vegetables were on sale this week for $1.89. I had a paper coupon for $.50, which doubled to $1.00, and an electronic coupon for $.50, so my total discount was $1.50, bring my price to $.39. Often shortcuts and cellfire will have similar coupons, so I was able to buy 2 packages, taking advantage of that electronic coupon for each site.

Of course everyone wants you to register for their site, and I've now figured out you should come up with a 'coupon' email address. That way everything goes to that one address, and if you ever sign up for freebies (Kraft, Betty Crocker, etc) you can give them that address too.

These are some blogs that I enjoy following up with every few days or so. They give some great 'scenarios' to help you save the most money.

There are a ton more out there, these are just a few I've found... if you have one you love, please let me know, I'm always looking out for new ones!!!


  1. Hello,

    I'd like to invite you to join the Cellfire Affiliate Program. Much like Shortcuts or, Cellfire allows users to "clip" coupons directly to their grocery store savings card. I've attached information for your review. When you write about Cellfire's newly available coupons you can use a tracking URL to ensure you get a referral fee for every "clip" from your site. And, you can also add an interactive banner (similar to your other banner ads) with live content that your readers can directly clip from your site.

    Cellfire can be a great additional source of affiliate revenues. We pay on a per clip basis ($0.04) of our coupons saved to a users’ Safeway and Kroger savings card (and any subsidiary stores that these grocery companies own). And, once your readers get used to coming to your site to clip Cellfire coupons you’ll get paid each time regardless of whether they already clipped or were previously a member. Of course you can also use Cellfire’s coupons as content for your site. We update coupons once every two weeks (on Tuesdays) so you’ll regularly have something new to share with your readers.

    Please let me know if you have any questions or would like me to send you a starter kit!