Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shopping and dishes

With my husband gone for training, my meals go down hill.  Breakfast and lunch are usually yogurt, or something like that, and I usually make something big (like a pot of pasta) that is easily re-heated...  That being said, I'm not cooking much, so don't have many dishes, at least not enough to justify running the dishwasher.  But I hate hand washing dishes... so I go as.long.as.possiable.  Which results in in this....
The leaning tower of (clean) dishes!

I also had some 'retail therapy' with a girlfriend of mine yesterday.  Can I just say I L.O.V.E that Old Navy is carrying the vintage team shirts.  I got a Green Bay Packers one around Christmas last year for both my little brother and myself.  Yesterday I saw a Lakers one (which my brother is a HUGE fan).  I grabbed it for his birthday (which is in August), and he was bummed I wouldn't send it out to him sooner then that... I'm such a mean sister!

I also got this wicked cute purse.  It's a very bright 'spring-ey' color, which is what I need on all these 38 degree days!  The best part is that it holds a TON of stuff, like my folder and spiral I take to my grad classes, which means no more lugging a backpack and purse to class!  Woohoo! 

So, beyond that this week I have had to turn in a huge research analysis paper, had a mid term in another class, and found out tomorrow I begin a 'trial run' for a long term substituteing position.  Its at an alternative school, and I will be working with kids who have been suspended for 10+ days.  Wednesday through Friday I will see if I like the position, and they will decide if I'm a good fit.  If so, then it will turn into a long term subbing job (which ups the pay about 35 dollars a day!).  The kids know they are on the last step before 'juvie', so they usually are on their best behavior.... its going to be different but I'm looking forward to working in the building.  The principal and teachers are great.  And I'm not going to lie, the 5-days a week with the upped 'long-term' pay will do amazing things for our debt snowball.... because the quicker we pay the truck off the quicker we start saving for our adoption!


  1. Yay! I hope you like the school!

  2. This probably a weird comment, but I stacked dishes like that last week, clean too, and when I got around to putting them away I found that a spider had crawled up inside one of the glasses and made a little web home! I freaked out and vowed to never leave my dishes in the drainer again! LOL!! Told you it was going to be a weird comment! :)

  3. I love the bag! And the cute puppy nose checking it out.

    When my hubby is away, I do the same thing!

    Hope the new job works out for the extra cash!