Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Today one of my students was talking about his girlfriend.  They will find out the sex of their baby next week.  I couldn't help myself, I asked if they were planning on keeping it or putting it up for adoption.  He said no, ' that would suck'.  I asked if it would suck for him as the father or for the baby, and he said the baby.  I was impressed that I didn't mention or hint that we were headed down that road (totally not appropriate), but I did say that I was adopted, and I thought it was pretty great.  I have amazing parents, and I'm so grateful of the decision my birthmom made. 

I wonder if that's why more people don't place for adoption?  I just am pondering that... don't really know the answer, nor am I expecting one, but I just wonder if that is a thought most people have?


  1. I am just so sorry you had to endure that conversation.

  2. I wish I knew... I'm adopted and I, too, am so grateful for the love and life I have. I wish more people would give their child the gift of an adoptive family.

  3. Kudos to you for holding back... I have a friend who is adopted and she is so grateful for her parents - she believes being a part of their family has been a huge gift - not just for them as her folks but for her too as their child. I love that philsophy and believe that with my whole heart too.


  4. My best friend is adopted & had a happy upbringing...I was not adopted and had a shitty one, so go figure! :)
    When I was 15 I got pregnant & was lost. My parents were idiots and I was terrified. It has been heartbreaking for me but I know it could have been a better experience if there had been emotional support. When something feels like a dark secret, well, then you feel like you've done something horrible. But there's a happy ending needless to say...My daughter (now 15!) wrote to me a few weeks ago and she's SO happy, healthy and gorgeous! She thanked me for giving her to a wonderful family and now we email each other every night and she only lives 2 hours away!! Her parents are amazing people! Just wanted to share a little of my story. I'm so excited to watch our relationship grow. Best of luck to you. xoxo