Friday, January 8, 2010


No, I'm not talking about my husband... well, I guess I am...

He's not whipped by me... (don't I wish!)

No he is whipped by the happiest boy I know....

Who is really cute...

And most of the time melts my heart....

But sometimes is a "shit-head" (also one of his common nick-names)

Yes, it's true, my husband is whipped by our little boy Baxter...

Baxter has ZERO body fat, so only goes outside on cold days like this (-18* wind chill-  really, this isn't freaking Alaska, it's the Midwest!) to do his business and run back in.

An HOUR after we let him in he was still kinda shivering and doing this little whine he does when he isn't happy.  My husband gets OUT OF BED, rummages around in my step daughter's bedroom, and goes to get the little heater we have...

He would never do that for me.  Of this I'm positive.

Baxter snuggling up with the heater blowing on him.... really?  REALLY?!?!


  1. That is so sweet! And for the record, it's colder here today than it is in Anchorage! I've been checking the weather on my iphone, so I'll know what to expect and yep, it's warmer there!

  2. My boxer has zero body fat as well. She just about lost it when we got 2 ft. of snow last month. I bought her so cute and fleecy. (yeah..I'm one of the those crazy dog people.)

  3. adorable. very very sweet. you married a good man.

  4. How absolutely adorable! Sure seems like your pooch is a bit spoiled. :) My mom knit a sweater for my dog for when it gets super cold, but it never gets cold here like it does in the midwest.

  5. hahaha this is too freaking adorable!! man's best friend indeed!

  6. LOL, that is too cute! I would do the same for my pups! :) I'm the whipped one in our family!

  7. My husband will turn on the gas fireplace for our dog AND move her bed in front so she has the heat from the fire radiating out on her also. Unlike Michelle's dog, our boxer has some body fat but still not much fur. It's pretty pathetic.