Thursday, January 14, 2010


So, I guess I have offically entered my two week wait.


I think that I have already mentally checked out of this cycle. 


I also have had a rough couple of nights, the anxiety is coming back.  In two weeks, if I don't see two lines, I think I'll go to my doctor about getting on some sort of anxiety medicine. 

The stress of my husbands job, combined with the stress of now living in the same town as my step-daughter and her mother, and having to deal with her behavior issues (yea for having to go to 'family counseling' all five of us....  shes fine at my house, just because she is a terror at her moms... how is that MY problem.) and academic issues (which I now tutor her two nights a week, which is fine, I actually enjoy that, but point blank, its one more thing that I have to prepare for every week).

My classes have also started so that I can transfer my teaching licence.  Ugh.  I found out yesterday that I HAVE to take a class, that I have ALREADY taken, and actually my requirements were well above the requirements this college has.  The head of the Education department happens to teach two of my classes, so he is in my corner, but still.... to have to re-do all the stuff I've done is AWESOME!

As you can tell from this post, and the fact that it is dripping with sarcasm, that is the status of my life, so for this two week wait, I will be minus the blog... next time you hear from me you'll know if this cycle worked or not! 

I'll probably not even log in to read your blogs, but will dedicate a whole day to catching up when I'm 'back'.  Unfortunately, I'm taking an online course, and the other ones use 'BlackBoard' to submit assignments and such, so I'll still be near e-mail, so drop me a line!   :)  (actually, I think right now I would enjoy detoxing from ALL types of technology... just don't see it happening).

See you on the flip side of this 2ww!


  1. Don't you hate all the red tape? Ugh!

    Sorry you're stressed right now, as if the 2WW isn't stressful enough.

    BTW, the flowers are beautiful :)

  2. Ugh, indeed.

    I hope the next couple weeks aren't as bad as you fear and that you come back with _lasting_ good news.

  3. Fingers crossed and hoping for a good update in 2 weeks!

  4. Praying you get good, lasting news in two weeks.

    So your license isn't reciprical? That really sucks! And I detest having to do things over and over again. We keep having staff development on things I did in college 5 years ago. Like we have nothing better to do?

    Hope things start looking up.

  5. Have a great blogcation - crossing everything that you'll have wonderful news to share in 14 days!

  6. the flowers are beautiful and I hope she is also picking the perfect angelic soul to send down to inhabit your body now and your arms in 40 weeks. Good luck!

  7. Wow, you have a LOT on your plate. Don't even worry about the blogging world -- just take care of yourself and the things you need to get done and we will all be here when you get back.

    Cheering you on for a short 2ww with a wonderful result at the end!!

  8. That's a lot to deal with...sorry your are stressing.

    I hope that things go smoothly over the next 2 weeks and that you have good news to repor to us on the flip side!

  9. I love the flowers!

    Oh hon, don't worry about us. You have your plate full and you need to concentrate on yourself!

    I am praying your 2ww leads into a BFP!