Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some commenters on the previous post had some questions, and so I guess I'll answer them, starting with what type of classes I'm taking.

I graduated from UNM in 2005 with my BS in Elementary Education, which New Mexico then awarded me a K-8 Teaching licence. We move to Missouri later that summer and they grant me a 1-6 teaching licence. Not horrible because the only two job offers I got (both a week before school started!) were for a 1st and 3rd grade class. I took the 3rd graders and though I loved my kids, lost a piece of my soul teaching that young of a grade (and most of my passion for teaching). I worked in the corporate world for several years, as a Business Analyst for a Merchant Services company, and really enjoyed it. When we moved again, it was going to be hard to transfer my clients and such, so I resigned, and tried to enjoy being a housewife.

I didn't want a full time job now that we moved down here, my husbands job is stressful enough, so I decided to Substitute teach, to see if I had regained some of my passion. I have loved doing it (most days), and really would like to go back to teaching. HOWEVER, through subbing, it has reconfirmed the fact that I do much better with older students (ie- 6th grade and above). So, since we decided I would get a full time job next year (if and only if I got offered a middle level position), I needed to update my licence to include 7th-9th. This required four classes, and three of them were offered both at the graduate level and undergraduate. Of course the graduate level ones are a bit more advanced, but I took them to at least get started in that direction. They all focus on middle school curriculum.


More then that, I have a real problem with a professor who makes us by HIS book, and subscribe to a research journal that HE is editor in chief for, and do our first paper on a term HE coined.... but to put the cherry on top of this guy... he sent out an email to everyone YESTERDAY (Saturday) saying that our first paper was past the due date, and if we hadn't turned it in, then we should get it to him ASAP.  Granted- I completely forgot about the paper (I'm apparently not good with online courses), the assignment said it wasn't due until 10am January 25.  In my world that is Monday, how about you all?  Does your calender say the 25th is Monday... ok, just checking!  I wrote my paper this afternoon, and sent it to him with a note saying that I'm very sorry it was late, and I'll accept any penalty points that may be associated with that.  I also put that I must have been confused, because the assignment page said it had a due date of January 25.  (passive aggressive... I think not...). He responded, 'not to worry' and that I will get full points.  :)  Yea for me!

Beyond that today I had a clusterfuck of a fight with my husband over stupid mp3 players.  As much as I hate going back to college, I hate I-pods even more!  I hate, hate, hate I-pods!  I don't understand them, but I guess it comes down to I'm not smart enough to figure them out.  Don't even get me started on I-tunes... holy hell.  Trav's Mom and Step Dad always give us cash for Christmas.  This year we paid our homeowners dues (exciting hunh), and that left us each with just over 100 bucks.  I love this, because I can blow it on ANYTHING I want, and he can't say a damn thing!  I decided to buy myself and mp3 player, since I've been working out.  The workout music sucks (don't they all), so I came up with my own soundtrack.  He set up a play list file (is that what it's even called?) in I-tunes, and told me to drag and drop.  So I went through all his songs and dragged and dropped... the next day he asks me if I knew what happened to his 'mix' play list.  It was gone.  I guess I did something, though I don't remember the computer asking me 'are you sure you want to delete this play list'.  Who the hell knows... again, further proof I'm not smart enough for the whole i-revolution.

I bought myself this nice little Phillips player, with easy to navigate buttons and screens and everything.  I was so excited, so after I wrote my paper, I went to plug my laptop into our external hard drive where I was TOLD all the music was.  Negative ghost writer.  Maybe 1/10th of all the songs in his i-tunes library was on there... the 1/10 that I have ABSOLUTLY NO DESIRE TO LISTEN TO... by the then emotions are high, he's not willing to help, I'm not really willing to ask, so I say screw it, and package my mp3 player back up to return it, because if I can't get freaking music on it, it's become a REALLY expensive paperweight.  Other issues get brought up and I walk away, go grab a stack of 'old school' cd's and my big cd player/boom box thing and go to the bedroom to work out with an OLD N'Sync album blaring.  I'm sure he LOVED that his playoff games had the soundtrack of N'Sync today... but right now, I DON'T care.   

Workout wen't well, 'official weigh in' is tomorrow, so we shall see how well they have really been going!

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  1. I can completely understand why you decided to go back to school and also why you hate it. I hated most of my education classes, to be honest with you. They got worse when I went back for my masters. Perhaps just look at it as the necessary hoops to jump through before you get to what you want?

    Let us know how the weigh-in goes!! :)