Saturday, January 2, 2010

Puppies+Snow=Pure Joy

I can honestly say that our dogs really get on my nerves, but they also give me so much joy.  There are often times that they will do something that all I can do is smile, and enjoy the moment.

We had gone out to Houlihans tonight for the purpose of eating desert.  Whenever we go out to eat, we are always to full to eat the yummy deserts, and that makes me sad! We shared a meal (fish tacos), I had a martini (Key lime pie.... to. die. for), and had the s'mors fondue!  The plate had graham crackers glazed with something sweet, strawberries and a pot that had the bottom inch or so full with chocolate, and the top 2 inches with melted marshmallows!  It was amazing, and my love fed me chocolate (and marshmallow) covered strawberries.  The restaurant was almost empty, and we enjoyed ever minuet we were there (including the 20 min we sat before a waiter came.... did I say the restaurant was almost empty!).  We rented a few movies, (The Hangover and The Taking of Phlegm 123) and went home to enjoy the rest of our 'date night.  After the movies, he went to let the dogs out and was shocked to see that it was snowing. 

Our Great Dane, Tara, loves the snow.  L-O-V-E-S it.  It's really funny to watch her. She likes eating it, and running in it, and playing with it, and catching snow balls....We both got on our coats and shoes and went out to play with the four of them.  We are puppy-sitting Sasha for a friend of ours.

Like I said, she loves to eat it....

Her 'tongue' prints all in a row where she was licking as she walked around the corner of the house!  We laughed so hard when we saw that.  Like a true, hurts your side, belly laugh.  It felt good.


  1. Did you love The Hangover? So funny!

    Cute doggies!

    One of our dogs loves to eat the snow too. He'll eat ice from the fridge, and loves the icemaker thingie we have that's on the fridge. Like... he'll run in and beg for ice every time I run it!

  2. My DH has been wanting to watch The Hangover, too! Is it funny?

    Love the pics of your pups -- looks like they're having a blast. You and your DH are so cute, too!

  3. So fun! Your date night sounds delicious!

  4. You date night sounds wonderful! Love the pics of the dogs in the snow - I had a similar post not too long ago :) Dogs who love snow are very entertaining!

  5. Thank you for your blog... sending love and support for your loss. Hubbies can rebound and change their minds sometimes. I will hope for all the best for you. God bless.

  6. I feel the same way about our dogs!

    MMM...the deserts sound delightful!

    Don't be can be overwhelming and scary but just think, you will finally have a baby to hold in your arms! I'm thinking of you lots sweetie!

  7. Love all the snow pics! The dogs are just so darn cute!