Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wedding Bells!

On New Year's Eve, my sister in law got married.  It was a small ceremony at a local (kinda) cave.  We didn't get to tour the whole cave, just the room that they were married in, and the next room over.  It was beautiful!

The bride and my husband doing the "Napoleon Dynamite" 'glamor shot' pose... I think I have about 12 other family gatherings that have pictures duplicate to this....

This will be the lake that we retire at.... come hell or high water!

Picking out where he thinks we might want to live?!?!

Is it just me... or are we going to be in trouble in about 10 years!   She was really nervous about holding her aunts bouquet, but she finally did, and I think this might be one of my favorite pictures of these two!

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  1. What a cool place to have a wedding reception!