Friday, January 8, 2010

Shoveling Snow

So today was our second snow day in a row... (read previous post that details my previous post)

I went outside because I needed a break from the madness that was the inside of my house (just imagine FIVE Christmas trees in various stages of being de-decorated.... 'nuff said!).

I went to go scrape my driveway from where I had driven over the snow and it got compacted and icey.


Then I got into a groove, and the snow was swirlling around (yes... it is STILL lightly snowing...I'm so over this), and didn't really want to go inside, so I decided to go shovel around my neighbors van.

My wonderful neighbors are fostering 3 kids, a 16 month old, and twin 4 month olds.

I *heart* my neighbors.

After I did around their van, I did in front of it, and then on the side, the I decided that I'd do the whole drive way... did I forget to mention that we all have 3 car driveways???  It was really cold, so cold that the water I was drinking (and had set on the back of my car, in the garage!) started to freeze.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!

Ok, so it's not a great picture... but there is ICE floating around in there!!!

So, I guess that was my random act of kindness this week!

But, now that it's done, it felt good to work that hard.... though I'm ALREADY feeling the ache in my lower back in shoulders!  This could be bad.

Really bad.

I'm thinking that now that I'm on to Bud Light bottle #3, it might counteract the ache that is forming, that and maybe a hot bath.... with a good book....


  1. That was very kind of you. I wish more people were like that in this world.

    WOW! That's cold. Great pic!

  2. Hooray for the contagious Random Acts of Kindness! I actually wish we had gotten snow instead of a week's worth of cold rain. Then again, we have no snow shovel and I remember last year when we got 18 inches. We ended up using a DUST PAN