Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Day #2!!!


The morning started off with an ultrasound... still not much to report, a 16.2, 13.7, and 11.4....

Three more nights of shots, and I head back there on Monday.  I picked up my trigger shot today, so I'm ready to go on Monday if the follicles grow up where they are supposed to be!

Spent the middle of the day with a good friend as she played 'tour guide' for the local college.  She showed me where my classes were going to be, we got my parking pass, student id (holy crap-I'm a student again), books, and tuition paid.  YEA!  Masters classes start Monday.  Travis is freaking out because of the amount of money that just exited our account (and actually we didn't pay for the actual classes, just the activity fee, parking pass, and books!).

This afternoon I locked myself in my house... and DE- DECORATED!!!!  YEA!!!

I can say there is not a speck of Christmas decor left in my house.

Well, actually it's all still in my house, but at least its all packed up nicely, and sitting in tubs in my kitchen.

I knew that if my husband came home to the mess his OCD would hit overload, so I advised him to stay away.

He had enough work at the office to spend the time while I worked.  I sent him updates as each tree came down (if you remember there were five!).

I told him that on his way home, it would be great if he dropped by the store to pick something up for me.... it wasn't dinner I wanted!!!

I had moved the tree that was in my kitchen into the living room to mop the floor.

Buckets open and ready to be stuffed!

After several hours (and a short 'break') stacked and ready to go up to the attic.

My 'errand' I had Trav run.... UMMMM.... so good

I'm two bottles in with the goal of finishing it tonight!  Except, all I've eaten all afternoon is cheese flavored rice cakes, (ie-not much) so I'm starting to feel it.... maybe I should go make a sandwich!


  1. Sounds like a very productive day. I would have enjoyed the beverage as a reward also. Yummy choice.

    Good luck with your classes!

  2. Wow! I can't believe that you might trigger on Monday! That went fast!

    And WOW for starting grad classes! That's awesome!

    Seems like you had a crazy productive day. You definitely deserved a beer. :)

  3. That looks like a pretty good way to end a hard day of work.... I approve! ;)