Wednesday, January 6, 2010

High School Again

We have been getting snow, and where we live, our streets don't get plowed.  Growing up in New Mexico, I didn't have a whole bunch of experience driving in snow, so I would prefer not to.  If I don't have to go out in it, I don't.

Last year, when we lived in Kansas City, I ended up in the center grassy area of the highway trying to get home one night.

Good thing my husband has a big truck!  He came and rescued me.

Since he doesn't have 'set' hours at work, I asked him if he would drive me Monday morning to my substituting assignment.  I felt like I was back in high school as he dropped me off, I leaned over and gave him a kiss, and grabbed my back pack (what I keep all my stuff in for subbing) to jump out.  It kinda made me laugh!

He came and picked me up too, and what a great day to end a day at school, with my honey waiting for me. 

Another reason I feel like I'm in high school again is all these damn pimples.  Ho. ly. cow.  I never broke out like this when I WAS in high school.  And never before this bad when I have been on any of the other fertility drugs (Clomid, Femera, or the Bravelle the last few months).  Something changed, and I don't like it.  It seems like every time I look in the mirror, more have popped up.  They aren't big, just tiny little white heads... but they are everywhere! 


In infertility news, my body took the past 6 Bravelle shots with a grain of salt, and gave me nothing.

Well, I guess not 'nothing', I have three follicles growing, one is 12mm, and the other two are 10.8/10.9mm.

Three more shots, and we will see where things are at on Friday.


  1. Those follicles sound pretty decent-sized! I don't know what your typical response is, but it always took me FOREVER to reach trigger time. I think it has something to do with age. My RE said younger women take a lot longer to make mature follicles than older women. My fingers are crossed that Friday will show them still growing well!

  2. I'm sorry you didnt get the results you were hoping for. Fingers crossed for your next u/s