Friday, November 12, 2010

We're old

I remember when we were dating, we both worked from 3-11, so about midnight our night's got started, at least on the weekends.   I didn't love our late jobs, but I was in college, and he spent the morning at the gym with his room mate (which gave him the rocking body that I lusted after when I met him... hey, let's all be honest here!).  It was our life.

We would hang out with his friends, or my friends, or our friends, but we were with other people... and we would go to bed between three and four...

Holy cow, it's 9:36, and I was falling asleep on the couch... I figured I'd better write my post now, or I was afraid it wouldn't get done today.

Oh, and I jinxed it when I celebrated that we accomplished (without much drama overall) giving Autumn (the new kitty) her pain pill and antibiotics.... tonight was horrible!  But the dogs are getting more used to her, and aren't all up in her grill... they were never mean to each other, they were just VERY curious, and it overwhelmed her (not to mention she probably didn't feel great).  Since everyone had taken the anxiety down a step, we brought her out to the living room and she laid on my chest for about 2 hours tonight, just purring... I might be in love.

Ok, I'm going to bed... before 10... on a Friday night.

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