Saturday, November 27, 2010

Next Two Days

In two days, a decision will have been made.

We will know if it was God's plan for this child to come to our family, or to go to another.

It's hard.

We've been watching every penny.

We've not put any Christmas decorations up (we would have a newborn right after the holidays, I'm not going to want to take all that stuff down).

We've mostly planned to go to New Mexico to spend Christmas with my parents.  We swap between Trav's parents and mine every year, and this year we go back there.  But she's due January 1st, and this is her third child.... is she really going to make it to her due date, and do we want to be 12 hours away when she goes into labor.

We've (really I mean I) have been able to push a lot of this to the back of my mind because we've been SO busy with everyone in town.  Really, it was great to have them, but now our house is quite. 

We are quiet. 
Both absorbed in our thoughts.

The next two days will be long.  I don't have a sub assignment on Monday, and I'm almost thinking I'm not going to take one.  They will be calling the parents she wants to be matched with on Monday, and e-mailing the other two that they weren't chosen. 

Then I can spend Monday glowing with my husband, or unpacking my Christmas decorations...


  1. Oh my goodness, I am sooooo thinking about you.

  2. I am praying for you! I am glad that you are distracting yourself. Christmas decorating always help me distract myself and some retail therapy never hurts either. Do you know how many couples the birth mother is considering?
    Thanks for the post on my blog and I still haven't made my decision. None of the choices are easy ones when dealing with infertility!
    Take care and I am thinking of you and praying for your family.

  3. I know that unpacking Christmas decorations wouldn't compare to getting the call, but I do think it would be a "healthy consolation". Don't get me wrong--I am praying that God bring a child into your lives--and soon! But if you do get the email, I pray that you can still find some joy in taking out the decorations and remembering the true reason for the season. I hope that makes sense?