Wednesday, November 3, 2010


We are home from the awards.  Seriously a whirlwind of activity.  Some amazing times.  A few awards.  One great friend (you know who you are).  Minus one camera.

Yep, I forgot my camera.  We were about 5 minuets past the border when I realized it.

I'll have to give you pictures I'm sealing off one of Trav's co-workers facebook, until my great friend (see above) sends me hers.

Us at the beginning of the awards, with the flight secretary on the left, and his boss on the right.
Travis was nominated for the Gold Badge (only one given in the squadron), and Rookie of the Year.

Us after the awards.  He ended up winning Rookie Recruiter ( plated horseshoe in the middle), Silver Badge (on the paper, it was his first, except since he won Rookie Recruiter, instead of having a 1 on the little star at the top, it has an R.  It's like a sliver wreath that goes around his recruiting 'cookie' (which is his 'badge' on his left chest, below his pocket.)  He also had the bronze medal from the entire Air Force Recruiting Service (its the medal with the red/white/blue holder).  I have the Spouse of the Year award in one arm, and the best award ever in my other (my husband...)

The second night there was the social event (it's usually the first night, but things were switched around this year).  I got to judge with four other wives the 'Ricky/Roxy the Recruiter dance off'.
What is that you ask.... let me tell you!  AF Recruiters use these big blow up costumes at special events (see below).  Hilarious!  I laughed so hard, because at least one of the costumes would deflate for each round (three dancers in a round) because the fan would shut off (or get knocked off by the wild gyrating hips!)
This is what they look like
(This is a randomly stolen picture I got off a 'Ricky recruiter' google image search... )

And because this is my blog... I'm going to show you all how fancy my Spouse of the Year award is.  The tough part about it now is trying to figure out where to put it.... maybe on top the washer or dryer, or in the kitchen next to the stove... decisions decisions.

This is what my husband brought home.... he's a freaking rockstar.... there were a few more random awards handed out at different parts of training, his accommodation medal in the center from our last duty station (18 months later...), his certification certificate and horse shoe (on the right), and then the awesome gun in the center he got this morning.  It's the commanders 'Legend Recruiter' award...
I'm sure it doesn't work, but I thought it was beautiful.

Me and my honey, (or mummy- another game at the social).

As soon as I get 'non iphone via facebook' photos, I'll post some of those.


  1. So awesome!

    So, what did you have to do to win the spouse award? (You know my mind is going places...)

  2. Awesome! Congrats to both of you, I'm sure you both deserve everything you won!

  3. Congrats on the hubby's award, and yours too. And I want to know how you won the spouse award too! hee hee!

    Love the pics. You look great!