Friday, November 5, 2010

Fun Friends

We seriously have the coolest Sunday School ever.  There are some great people in it.  Tonight we were blessed to have a family come over and have dinner with Trav, Aleigha, and I.  She is a veggie, so I had to find a recipe, and the one I picked was AWESOME (so much so-Trav told me to add it to the cooking rotation!).   My stepdaughter was so helpful, and put the table together, and helped us get stuff put away.

We laughed so much, ate some good food, and played Phase 10.

If you've never played it, it's close to rummy-  If you ever see the card game- buy it.  It's fun.  If you play with two people (which we do), but even more fun when you play with six.  Especially when there are 'skip' cards, and family members that have a vendetta!!! It was hilarious!

Anyways, it was a great way to end a busy week.  Tomorrow kicks off at meetings all day at Relay For Life training, then to go help a friend clean out her grandparents house (they moved to a nursing home). 

I went grocery shopping... and did awesome. I could save so much money, if I actually was willing to go to three different stores.  Because it took me almost 3 hours to get everything bought today.  BUT- I did go back to the new one, and took pictures, so I'll post them up here once I can figure out how to get them off the micro memory card in my phone.  And you all can be jealous- very jealous of my awesome grocery store!

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