Thursday, November 4, 2010

Grocery Shopping

You know it's really funny when the best part of my day was going to the new grocery store that just opened with my best friend (who also happens to live next door).  It's very close to our neighborhood, and is ah-maze-ing!  It's got all the normal 'grocery store' things, but also has included a lot of items made by local business (honey, bbq sauce, spaghetti sauce, milk from a local dairy farm).  They had a huge whole foods/organic section.  You could make your own almond, peanut, cashew butter, select special spices, make your own gourmet olive oil or balsamic vinegar (using the spices and then adding the liquid).  The produce was beautiful, and in dark wood and iron displays, the floors were slate.  The pastries looked amazing, and the seafood/meat counter had more choices of high quality meat that I had never seen before!  Seriously, ground chuck (90/10) for $1.59 a pound!! Are you kidding me!

We literally just walked up and down the isles.

In amazement.

We spent over an hour there.

And didn't buy a damn thing!



  1. lol...I've done those kind of things before! Love that you are doing posts all month too!

  2. I secretly love going to the grocery store. I don't tell my husband that because he thinks I'm awesome for doing the shopping. ;)