Monday, November 15, 2010


Today, at our church, we had "Deck the Halls".  It's when the church is open from 9am-9pm and you are welcome to come anytime, to help get out, set up, beautify all the Christmas decorations.

I went with a good friend of mine, and we had a lot of fun.  We fluffed, we put on lights, we hung ornaments. 

I love Christmas, and consider myself a halfway decent decorator.  Let me say, I-was-schooled!  Our pastors wife is amazing, she showed me how to wrap the lights (Trav always puts them on our tree-that's his job).  It takes a ton of light strings, but you don't see the wire, because you go up and down the limb, and then cross to the next one near the trunk (if that makes any sense at all.). 
Last year we 'upgraded' to LCD lights... and we have the hinged tree (we got it 2 years ago at a Black Friday sale! I love it!!).  I'm thinking that I might spend the extra few hours to really get them on well, and then keep them on FOREVER!

Now I just need to convince Travis to start pulling the Christmas stuff out of the attic.... I had it all up before Thanksgiving last year, I'm not sure why this year would be any different?!?


  1. I really want to put some Christmas goodies up soon too! Sounds like you had a fun time decorating and picking up some new tips!

  2. I feel you girl! Im all about putting up the decorations early! The Christmas season gives me this happy high and I am totally ok with making that happen a little earlier than normal by decking the halls! :-)