Sunday, November 14, 2010

Good Friends

Three times this weekend I have been reminded how blessed I am to have good friends in my life.  Some of them live right next door, some hours away.  Some I see on a daily basis, some not as often.  Some give me crazy ideas (B this is you I'm talking about! Race car cake...), and others let me cry.

It's good friends like this that make up for other 'friends'

Friends that flake out.  Friends that don't return phone calls.  Friends that only call when they need help. Friends that say they need to pull back, because you are starting the adoption process.  And then the same friends that call you first when they find out that they are pregnant.  I hate those.

But then I'm reminded of friends that are willing to go to the uncomfortable doctor appointment so that you don't have to, friends that make you smile, friends that encourage you.  And those friends are best.  Those friends win out in the emotions of the day.

And a best friend, a husband who covered me when my friend came over, and he knew that I was going to be trying to be a good friend, but that I was dyeing inside.  Because my best friend protects me, and he loves me, the way a true friend should