Wednesday, November 24, 2010


It's way past my bed time...
my day SO did not go as planned...
however, I was surrounded by good friends that dropped in all day... so it's totally ok (in my mind- Travis' not so sure that he likes the house in this state)

First a friend who I worked with last year, who is also an adoptive mom, I saw just how un-baby proofed my house was.... but it was fun to have her little one around!

Literally, as she left, I threw on shoes to go with my friend to have Thanksgiving dinner at her kid's daycare... I'm Aunt Jenn, how could I say no!

Trav got home within a 1/2 hour of me getting back from that, and him just hovering almost put me into melt down, so I gave him a list (self admittingly- a bit longer then it 'had' to be, some stuff could have done in the next few days... but more then anything I needed him out of my hair so I could get some cleaning done...)


My friend/pet sitter/ honorary vet came over to look at kittys paws.  They have all healed nicely, except for 1.  It's nasty... she came and cleaned it, peroxided it, and super glued it.... all while the kitty literally screamed....ugh it was a long 10 minutes!  We caught up for a while (while I folded laundry), and then a mutual friend stopped by as she was leaving.

She is so sweet, she brought me some green chile (she knows I miss it from home).  She got it at whole foods last time she went up to the city... can't wait to try it! :)  She also brought me four padded chairs from the hotel that she's at, so now everyone will be able to sit at our Thanksgiving table! (yea!)

As she was leaving, I walked out with her, and my neighbor (the one I went to Thanksgiving dinner with the kids), pulled in but just with one baby.  She came over and I introduced those two, and we got to talking. 

While the three of us (and the baby) were talking, my parents pulled up.

Crap- I hadn't done anything all day but bake pumpkin bread, and fold laundry....

So, looks like I'll be doing all that tomorrow morning, but I sure had a lot of fun catching up with everyone!


  1. Wow, I felt out of breath just reading this! Hope that you get a bit of a rest at some point and Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Sounds like a full, busy day! Hope you are having a great Thanksgiving with your family!

  3. PS The pumpkin bread was delish!! Eric brought me a some slightly warmed with a dab of butter in bed this am:) Thanks so much!!