Thursday, November 25, 2010

Black Friday

The ad's are spread out.

The plan is being laid out.

Tomorrow, we will commence at 0300.

We will divide an conquer

However, on the baby budget, it's not as exciting, because we are buying just gifts, nothing much for us.


  1. whoohoo!! My plan of attack has been written out. My crew is layering in clothing since it's 30 degrees out. We are departing in 20 minutes to our first destination of Toys R Us!! Have fun!!

  2. I started my Christmas shopping at a shopping event on Sunday, and it was the first time I have ever managed to shop for gifts and not buy myself a few things.

  3. I'm rght there with ya. I LOVE me some black Friday shopping. 3am here I come!

  4. Have fun! Let us know what you get!